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Codebreaker title

Followed by a Q&A with Executive Producer Patrick Sammon

Wednesday, 11.14.12
7 p.m. in DBH 1100

Presented by the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences

Codebreaker scene

Alan Turing set in motion the computer age, and historians credit his codebreaking with helping to shorten World War II by two years — saving millions of lives. Yet few people have heard his name.

As the founding father of computer science and artificial intelligence, Turing envisioned our digital world long before anyone else. But instead of receiving accolades, he faced terrible persecution.

Join us for a free movie screening of CODEBREAKER, a drama/documentary that chronicles Turing’s accomplishments, his tragic end, and his lasting legacy.

Following the film, Executive Producer Patrick Sammon will host a Q&A session. You can watch a two-minute trailer at