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Information technology is everywhere in our lives today. What are the societal implications of ubiquitous IT? Join us as the world’s leading scholars on this topic share their research and insights. All are welcome to attend.
2013-2014 Seminar Series
This seminar series is free and open to the public; no RSVP required. Organized by Gary Olson (, Judy Olson (, Geoffrey Bowker ( and Melissa Mazmanian ( Presented by the Department of Informatics.
Oct. 25, 2013

WILLIAM J. CLANCEY, Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition
“Working on Mars: The Mars Exploration Rover as a Collaboration Tool for Interdisciplinary Field Science”
3 p.m. in 1500 Donald Bren Hall 

Nov. 15, 2013

CHRISTINE L. BORGMAN, Professor & Presidential Chair in Information Studies, University of California, Los Angeles
“Big Data, Little Data, No Data: The Contested Landscape of Data Sharing and Reuse”
3 p.m. in 6011 Donald Bren Hall 

Apr. 4, 2014

DON A. NORMAN, Nielsen Norman Group
“The Design of Everyday Things in the 21st Century”
3 p.m. in 6011 Donald Bren Hall 

May 23, 2014

JAMES W. PENNEBAKER, Professor & Chair, Psychology Department, University of Texas
“What Our Words Say About Us: Using Natural Language to Reveal Social Dynamics and Personality”
3 p.m. in 6011 Donald Bren Hall