Credit By Exam Information

The credit by exams that are offered are ICS 31, ICS 45C and ICS 45J. The exam will be offered once per quarter, during Week 3 ONLY. We do not administer the exam individually.

Policies regarding credit by exams

  • You can only take 1 exam per test date.
  • You should not be taking a credit by exam for a course that you are currently enrolled in.
  • If you choose to stay in the course and take the credit by exam, you will not be issued a grade or units for the course and instead will receive an “unauthorized repeat” (UR) on your transcript.
  • You cannot use this credit by exam to replace a grade that you received from taking the actual course.
  • You will only be allowed to take the credit by exam for any particular course, once. If you earn a C- or below, then you will need to enroll in the actual course.

Qualifications to take the exam

  • Any enrolled UCI student may obtain credit for course material previously mastered by taking the credit by exam.


  • Your grade will be emailed to you approximately 1-2 weeks after the exam date.
  • You will have the option to accept or reject the grade.
  • If you accept the grade, it will appear on your transcript 3-5 weeks after the quarter that you took the exam. For example, you took the exam in the fall; the grade will post to your transcript during winter quarter.

Registration for the exam

Step 1: Sign up below to find out day, time, and location of the exam. Space is limited so sign up ASAP. Registration for credit by exams will begin in Week 10 of the quarter prior to the exam. (Example: for the spring exam, registration begins in winter of week 10)

Step 2: Fill out and print the Credit By Exam Petition Form and go to the Cashier’s Office (Aldrich Hall) to pay the $5 testing fee. 

Step 3: Bring the paid credit by exam petition form to the exam location. You will not be allowed to take the exam if you have not paid the testing fee.