Undergraduate Student Policies

Academic Standing

Students' academic status is reviewed on a quarterly basis. Academic standing is determined by GPA and degree progress. To be in good standing:

  • Maintain a quarterly and cumulative GPA above 2.0, and
  • Make progress towards your degree

The Student Affairs Office will notify the student of their academic probation status via their UCI email account.  The letter will include requirements and an academic probation contract.  The contract will outline specific conditions that must be met in order to return to good academic standing.

It is the student’s responsibility to:

  • Manage their UCI account
  • Read and respond to official messages from their academic counselors immediately
  • Monitor academic progress and maintain good academic standing.

Failure to meet the steps outlined in the academic probation letter will result in either an administrative hold on the student’s record or academic disqualification.

Student should contact their academic counselor soon after receiving the academic probation notification to ensure their upcoming course load is reasonable and to learn about helpful campus resources.



» Academic Probation

Students are subject to probation any time their quarterly or cumulative GPA falls below 2.0, or if they have violated one or more terms of the academic probation contract they are currently on.

**If a student’s term or cumulative GPA falls below a 1.5, the student will be dismissed from the Donald Bren School of ICS effective immediately.  This policy applies to full-time and part-time students.

» Academic Probation Stages

Academic Probation 1

-AP 1 results if the student’s term or cumulative GPA falls below a 2.0.

-Student is subject to academic disqualification.  *Please note that being subject to disqualification is NOT the same as being formally disqualified.

-Student is given the opportunity to appeal the possible disqualification status.

Academic Probation 2

-AP 2 results if the student is on two consecutive quarters of academic probation, or has not met one or more terms of the academic probation 1 contract. 

-Student is academically disqualified.

» Submitting a Letter of Appeal

A letter of appeal should explain any unusual or extenuating circumstances that contributed to the student's academic difficulties.  It must also detail the student's plans and actions for effectively addressing these circumstances (including the use of campus resources) so student can return to good academic standing. Instructions on how to appeal, including deadline and where to send the letter will be indicated in the student’s academic probation letter.

The Associate Dean will carefully review the student's appeal letter, transcript and academic file with the academic counselors before making a decision.  Note that the Associate Dean for Student Affairs is the chief academic officer for the Bren School of ICS, and his decisions regarding disqualification appeals are final.

If the appeal is granted, the student will be held to an academic contract that outlines the expectations and timeframe for returning to good academic standing.

If the appeal is denied, the student will be formally disqualified from the major, the Bren School of ICS, and UC Irvine.  

» Disqualification

If a student is formally disqualified, he or she may not register for courses or use university services after a stated date. The Registrar's Office will also be instructed to note the effective date of the disqualification on the student's official transcript. 

It is recommended for the student to see an academic counselor to learn about the readmission process and policy.

» Readmission

If a student has been formally disqualified, the student is encouraged to make an appointment to speak with an academic counselor to learn about the readmission policy and to strategize future plans and goals. Please visit the page on Withdrawal and Readmission for additional information.

If / when the student readmits to ICS after having been academically disqualified, the student must for the first quarter of return earn a 2.0 term GPA and Cs or higher in each course.  Failure to meet these terms may result in academic probation or be subject to disqualification.