The Pauma Band of Mission Indians

The Pauma Band of Mission Indians was officially established 1886 by the U.S. Government when the United States won California from Mexico. The Pauma "Band's" tribal affiliation is Luiseno and it is one of the six "bands" of Luiseno people located throughout the mid Southern California area that are Federally recognized as "Indian Nations". Pauma is located at the foothills of Palomar Mountain and shares many of its historical history with its relatives from the other six Bands. "Click here for more Pauma history".

Traditionally, there were two clans who came from Pauma, the Majel Clan and the Pachito Clan. In the years past, each of the six bands had a chief to represent their people, Pauma's chief was "Uncle" Ray Pachito. One of the Uncle Ray's main function as chief was to serve as one of the four elders who performed the ceremonial duties of the "Band". Uncle Ray's position of "Chief" was not the same as the position of Tribal Chairman though the two positions were similar. The difference was that the position of Chief was a position that was held until death.

Today, the two clans still exist and most still reside on the Pauma Reservation. Unfortunately, our Chief died many years ago and was never replaced so now only a memory "of what was" is in the minds of our elders of today.