Hualapai Tribe

The Hualapai Tribe resides in Peach Springs Arizona. Located forty five minutes outside of

Kingman Arizona. The city of Peach Springs Arizona is a small portion of the Hualapai Reservation.

The Hualapai Reservation is a enormous developing land mass. The main city of this reservation is

Peach Springs Arizona, which has a population of about five hundred people.

Unlike some of or famous and well-known brother and sister tribes we do not have a casino on our

Reservation. But we do have our own attractions, the Grand Canyon and Hualapai River Runners.

Our Reservation encompasses West Point of the Grand Canyon. We have a tour and a meal spot for

tourists. Many tourists prefer our section of the Grand Canyon because we do not have bars to protect

people from falling over the edge, an important fact for more adventurous people. The meal spot is a

mini restaurant is positioned on the edge of a cliff of the Grand Canyon. The types of meals provided

includes Indian Tacos, hamburgers, and burritos.

The Hualapai River Runners are river rafters that take tourists down the Colorado River and

camping. Tourists experience the high speed rush of being pushed down the river with limited control.

A new restaurant and hotel has been constructed on the Hualapai Reservation to provide visitors,

tourists, and guests a comfortable place to stay.

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