Sepehr Akhavan


I am a statistician specializing in Biostatistics and Data Visualization techniques.I got my masters degree in Statistics from University of California Irvine in 2011.

I have the honor of doing research with Dr.Gillen. My current research focuses on developing a flexible Bayesian survival model with the time varying effect of time-dependent variables.  

I also collaborate with department of Epidemiology at UC Irvine. I had the honor of working with Dr. Anton-Culver and Dr. Ziogas. My research in Epidemiology was primarily focused on:

  1. Developing a Bayesian model to discover significant pathways in Breast Cancer. Our method was based on Baurely et all’s method. (to be submitted)

  1. Working on Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS) and methods for          investigating gene-environment interaction. Particularly, we were interested to investigate the association of 238 SNPs from 23 Interleukin with Breast Cancer risk.

I am also part of the data analysis group at MIND Research Institute. My job is to investigate the efficacy of the supplemental math software developed at MIND. Currently, more than 320,000 students are using our software. Everyone of those 320,000 students can be followed through our database providing a wealth of information to be used to investigate the efficacy of the software. I’m also responsible for using/creating data visualizing techniques to visualize the effect of the software on students’ math scores.


Learn Data Analysis

I am co-founder and CEO at LearnDataAnalysis. LearnDataAnalysis is a phenomenal place for everyone to share content related to the field of data analysis from various different perspectives and from anywhere on the globe. LDA gives everyone a phenomenal opportunity to share her/his ideas on the web and to get feedback from those who are expert and interested in this field.