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Arjun Satish

3211 Donald Bren Hall,
University of California,
Irvine CA 92697.



Hi, I am a Ph.D. candidate working with Prof. Ramesh Jain in the Experiential Systems Laboratory. We are also part of the Information Systems Group at ICS, UCI.

I work on a Context Discovery Framework, CueNet. Read about it below.

My personal website is located here. WARNING: Do not go to my blog here.


(9/5/13) Successfully defended my thesis!

(5/28/13) Featured on school website. Thanks, ICS!

(2/28/13) Check out our new demo video explaining CueNet here.

(2/22/13) Got accepted for a demo and a doctoral symposium presentation at ICMR 2013.

(7/30/12) Setup personal website and Blog.

(7/19/12) Got a Google Ph.D. Fellowship!

(5/25/12) Completed Topic Proposal for Ph.D.



This project arose from a need to associate context with photos to tell stories. Stories without context are meaningless. And data without context is gibberish. In order to combat this lack of context, we started working on CueNet, a framework which would discover event context for personal photos. We invented a technique called progressive discovery , which would navigate from source to source to find the most relevant event and person information about a given photo.


We developed a computational model of transitions to generate a basic linear story skeleton, which consists of a set of media items. The user of the system is then allowed to add textual descriptions to this story to provide its readers with appropriate context to interpret the story. Finally, the resulting story is displayed in a familiar comic like layout, and shared with the intended readers.

You can find other stories here, here, here and here.


Emme is a research project under the supervision of Prof. Ramesh Jain. It involved in creating an event based media organizing and visualization tool. Click on the picture below to look at the prototype on YouTube:


Wicker is an interesting class project which sits with the Firefox browser as a plugin and displays articles from Wikipedia which are similar in content to the webpage you are currently browsing. We used Hadoop to generate our text index, which would in turn be used to compare the webpage content with the wikipedia article content. Here is the final report.


Arjun Satish, Discovering Real World Context to Tag Personal Photos PhD Dissertation [pdf]
Arjun Satish, Ramesh Jain, Amarnath Gupta, Context Networks for Annotating Personal Media Technical Report (ESL.UCI.EDU-TR 2013-May/01) [pdf]
Arjun Satish CueNet: A Context Discovery Framework to Tag Personal Photos ICMR 2013 (Doctoral Symposium) [pdf]
Arjun Satish, Ramesh Jain, Amarnath Gupta, Visualizing Progressive Discovery ICMR 2013 (Demo) [pdf]
Tagging Personal Photos Using Contextual Information Whitepaper [pdf]
Arjun Satish, CueNet: Context Discovery for Personal Photos Topic Proposal [pdf]
Arjun Satish, Ramesh Jain, Amarnath Gupta, Tolkien: Weaving Stories from Personal Media Technical Report (ESL.UCI.EDU-TR 2010/04/11) [pdf]
Arjun Satish, Ramesh Jain, Amarnath Gupta, Tolkien: An Event Based Storytelling System. VLDB 2009 [pdf]
Ronen Vaisenberg, Arjun Satish, Keith A. Mogensen, Ramesh Jain, Sharad Mehrotra, A new approach for adding browser functionality. Hypertext 2008 [pdf]


ICS 32, Spring 2013

Programming with Software Libraries with Alex Thornton.

ICS 61, Winter 2013

Game Systems and Design with Prof. Ramesh Jain.

CS 23, Summer 2012

Introduction to Computer Science III with Alex Thornton.

CS 122b, Spring 2012

Projects in Data and Web Apps with Prof Chen Li.

CS 22, Spring 2012

Introduction to Computer Science II with Alex Thornton.

CS 222, Fall 2011

Principles of Data Management with Prof. Mike Carey.

ICS 21, Winter 2011

Course Website. The instructor was Norm Jacobson.

CS 113, Spring 2010

A course in Computer Game Development with Dan Frost. Game science is now a major in UCI.

CS 122b, Winter 2010

After a good teaching experience last quarter, I was reappointed TA for CS122b. Instructed by Prof. Chen Li.

CS 122b, Fall 2009

I was the TA for the CS 122b course, Projects in Database Management. Instructed by Prof. Chen Li.

ICS 21, Summer 2009

The TA for ICS 21, which is an introduction to programming course. The instructor for the course was Alex Thornton.

CS 143, Spring 2009

I was the TA for the CS 143 course, Operating Systems Principles. The instructor for the course was Prof. Michael Dillencourt.

CS 143a, Winter 2009

I was the Reader for the CS 143 course, Operating Systems Principles. The instructor for the course was Prof. Steve Franklin.

CS 112, Fall 2008

Introductory course for Computer Graphics. The instructor for the course was Prof. Aditi Majumder.

EECS 104, Fall 2007

Fundamentals of Computer Graphics. The instructor for the course was Dr. Zhihe Zhang.