Quick Biography

I'm currently a PhD student in Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Science (also know as ICS) in University of California, Irvine. I was admitted to UCI in Fall 2010 and currently pursuing my degree.

I graduated from University of Campinas, Brazil, as a Computer Engineer, and worked for 2 years as a Software Engineer in the Linux Technology Center in IBM - Brazil. I was involved with bug fixing of Linux installers (Red Hat, SUSE), developing for the OpenSimulator project in IBM's Lotus 3D endeavour, and finally developing and bug fixing KVM for Red Hat's RHEV application.

My interests are in Software Engineering, Virtual Worlds, Free and Open Source Development, Distributed Systems and Networking.

I can be reached on my email (dt=dot): avaladar at ics dt uci dt edu, and my github repository is in https://github.com/arthur00/


"Enabling Fine-Grained Load Balancing for Virtual Worlds with Distributed Simulation Engines, Winter Simulation Conference 2014"
"Framework for Designing and Evaluating Distributed Real-Time Applications, DSRT 2014"
"RCAT : A Scalable Architecture for Massively Multiuser Online Environments", Technical Report - ISR
"Evolution of Scalability with Synchronized State in Virtual Environments", MMVE 2012
"RESTful Massively Multi-User Virtual Environments: A Feasibility Study", IGIC 2012
"RCAT: a RESTful Client-scalable ArchiTecture", NetGames 2011
"Virtually Centralized , Globally Dispersed : A Sametime 3D Analysis", LAMDA 2011

RCAT Demo:

Multiplayer Jigsaw : My main demo application for driving the RCAT middleware is the multiplayer jigsaw puzzle. I try to keep the latest version deployed for user testing. (Runs in UCI only, send me an e-mail for a demo.)