CompSci 237
Distributed Systems Middleware

Project Introduction

Please contact one of the following graduate students if you are interested in working with them on a project related to their presented research as your Middleware course project:

  • Kyle (kebenson -(at)- SCALE overview and Resilient IoT - communications and messaging (Short Slides)
  • Guoxi (guoxiw1 -(at)- SDN and IoT edge computing (Short Slides)
  • Yusuf (yusuf.sarwar -(at)- Big Active Data (Short Slides)
  • Primal (primal -(at)- TIPPERS privacy (Short Slides)
  • Qiuxi (qiuxiz -(at)- mobile sensing and mobile data collection (Short Slides)
  • Qing (qhan3 -(at)- AquaSCALE (water systems) (Short Slides)

Here is a list of high level topics for class projects. 

  • Implementation of Caching and Replication techniques in middleware environments.
  • Integrating fault-tolerance protocols into distributed middleware infrastructures.
  • Storage and I/O management in distributed middleware
  • Customizability and Reflection in middleware systems
  • Event services in distributed environments
  • Formal Specification of Distributed Systems Middleware
  • Middleware for Mobile Environments - e.g. wireless, satellite
  • Middleware Services for Grid Computing and High Performance Computing systems
  • System support for sensor networks
  • Middleware for Real-time Embedded Systems
  • Middleware for MM Systems - admission control, resource reservation etc.
  • Policies for Resource Discovery in wide-area environments
  • Implementation of Flexible Naming Techniques in DSM
  • Integration of video and network protocols - e.g. MPEG/ATM, MPEG/IP.
  • QoS based middleware, e.g. integration of QoS-sensitive server policies and network protocols.
  • Group communication facilities in distributed systems middleware.
  • Incorporation of security policies in middleware environments.
  • Middleware support for virtual environments and 3D graphics/animation.
  • Applications , development of web services, e.g. billing service