ICS is an independent campus unit reporting to the Executive Vice Chancellor. The department is involved in research and education in artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, computer networks, computer science theory, computer systems design, databases, distributed systems, embedded systems, human-computer interaction, medical informatics, multimedia systems, and software/software engineering.

ICS faculty are involved in the forefront of research in the emerging areas of the computer science discipline such as embedded computing, knowledge-discovery in databases, component-based software development, bioinformatics and the effects of information in computer science, business and society. The faculty has effective interdisciplinary ties to colleagues in biology, cognitive science, engineering, management, medicine, and the social sciences. ICS at UC Irvine represents one of the fastest growing departments, building upon strengths in core and multidisciplinary areas of computer science.

ICS offers degree programs leading to the Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy in Information and Computer Science. ICS also offers many courses to UCI students regardless of major and awards a minor in Information and Computer Science to students of other majors. ICS has emerged as a major presence in the computing world, graduating over 3700 students, making an impact in California, the nation, and the world. ICS Ph.D. graduates are now on the faculty of many universities including University of Texas at Austin, University of Michigan, University of California at Berkeley, University of Washington, and the University of Illinois. 


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