Assignment: Writing a Good Wikipedia Article

In this assignment, each student will update one "stub," or incomplete article in Wikipedia, to a complete encyclopedic article. Ideally, we would like your article to qualify for "Good Article" status. For reference, less than 1% of the articles on Wikipedia achieve this status, so this is no small feat!

Here a few caveats to keep in mind for this assignment:

Part 1: Select a stub (e-mail due 10/8)

Part 2: Write a Good Article

Our goal is to produce a Good Article that will be of service to the general Wikipedia community. We need to have a sense of what more needs to be done, and an overall plan for the article. I suggest looking at examples and guidelines (e.g. Manual of Style or the Guide for nominating good articles), as well as reminding yourself of the criteria for a Good Article. I suggest finding an example of a Good Article related to your stub, and follow its structure including its section headings.

Timetable (submissions must follow guidelines)

10/08: Select a stub and e-mail a pdf copy of it to the the grader.

10/20: Draft of full article is due. We will peer-review in class.

10/27: Revision of the article is due, updated to reflect peer-review comments.

11/10: Final draft of wikipedia article is due. Save your changes to Wikipedia.

Suggestions and hints


Much of this material is based on assignemnts prepared by Piotr Konieczny at the University of Pittsburgh and Dean Taciuch at George Mason University.