Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI): Generic Syntax (RFC 2396)

URI specification update area

We have finished the revision of RFC 1738 (Uniform Resource Locators) and RFC 1808 (Relative Uniform Resource Locators)! This area has been used to keep track of changes and test pages for the update to RFC 2396, which is now a Draft Standard.

The work progressed as follows:

  1. I grabbed the old set of URL RFCs and removed the header/footer garbage that makes diff comparisons difficult.
  2. I created a base document that merges RFC 1738 and RFC 1808 without changing any of the effective content, except in that all of the scheme-specific definitions are removed.
  3. I created test pages for relative URL parsing, parts one, two, three, four, and five, and have tested a few common browsers.
  4. I wrote the first three drafts (changes noted in the last appendix): and then passed the editor's baton to Larry Masinter for the next three and we have been collaborating on the last three and finally we changed from URL to URI Syntax
  5. Discussion of the revisions took place on the URI mailing list (uri@bunyip.com).
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