Gloria Mark


The world is continuing to shrink as social computing grows. Never before have people been able to connect to others and to information sources on such a global and large scale. This is a fascinating time to study how technology use and its development are evolving. My research interest is in what is known as social computing: studying how individuals, groups, society and technology mutually influence each other. I am particularly interested in studying how technology use affects attention, mood, and above all, stress. For this I use a system I call precision tracking, which involves a combination of sensors, bio-sensors, experience sampling, surveys, and ethnographic techniques to gain a very detailed, comprehensive, and in-depth understanding of what people experience when they use computer systems. I study such behavior in the workplace and also with those in the Millennial Generation, to see how growing up with the Internet affects their experience. I also study how people use social media and computer systems more generally to see how they can use such systems to be resilient during and after environmental crises. I invite you to take a closer look at some of the projects that my students and I are involved in.


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