CS 266 - Computational Geometry Homework 7, 50 Points
Due: Monday, March 7, 11:55pm

Assignments must be typed and turned in using the EEE system.

  1. 10 points. Problem 8.4 from de Berg et al.
  2. 10 points. Problem 8.6 from de Berg et al. (This is a classic problem in Machine Learning.)
  3. 10 points. Problem 8.7 from de Berg et al.
  4. 10 points. Problem 8.10 from de Berg et al.
  5. 10 points. Problem 8.15 from de Berg et al., except you should come up with algorithms thtat have the desired time bounds for 8.15b and 8.15c in the worst case, not expected case. You may use O(n2 log n)$ space.