CS 295: UCI Programming Languages Seminar

Fall, 2011(Tuesday 5:00-7:00pm, CS 432)

Co-instructors: Michael Franz (CS), Brian Demsky (EECS), and Harry Xu (CS)

Brief Introduction:

This is a paper reading class co-taught by the three programming languages professors at UCI. We welcome all students
interested in doing research on programming languages and software systems to join the class. The schedule for this
class is on a per-quarter-basis. For the current (Fall 2011) quarter, we will be reading and discussing some of the best
papers in the 20 years of PLDI. Please email any one of us if you have a question.


Starting from 10/11, we will meet at CS 432 instead of Bren 1422.

Note: ACM SIGPLAN Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation (PLDI) is a flagship
conference in the area of programming languages and software systems, and is actually one of the best conferences
in all computer science disciplines.





Research Overview Michael, Brian, and Harry


Edith Schonberg: On-the-fly detection of access anomalies (retrospective), PLDI 1988 Jim
10/04 Susan L. Graham, Peter B. Kessler,and Marshall K. McKusick: Gprof: A call graph execution profiler (retrospective), PLDI 1982 Andrei
10/11 Gregory J. Chaitin: Register allocation and spilling via graph coloring (retrospective), PLDI 1982 Brian
10/18 Jack W. Davidson and Christopher W. Fraser: Automatic generation of peephole optimizations (retrospective), PLDI 1984 Eric

Michael G. Burke and Ron Cytron: Interprocedural dependence analysis and parallelization (restropective) , PLDI 1986

11/1 Susan Horwitz, Thomas W. Reps, and David Binkley: Interprocedural slicing using dependence graphs (retrospective), PLDI 1988 Shree
11/8 Janet Fabri and Frances E. Allen: Automatic storage optimization (retrospective). PLDI 1981 Garrett
11/15 Monica S. Lam and Michael E. Wolf: A data locality optimizing algorithm (retrospective), PLDI 1991 Shamitha
11/22 Jens Knoop, Oliver Ruthing, and Bernhard Stephen, Lazy code motion (retrospective) , PLDI 1992 Yonghun
11/29 William Landi and Barbara G. Ryder: A safe approximate algorithm for interprocedural pointer aliasing (retrospective), PLDI 1992 Palaniappan and Aravind