Course Outline


This course is a lab. The goal of the course is to reinforce some of the networking concepts that were taught in any introductory networking course. The lab is structured around exercises that highlight topics such as addressing, subnetting, bridging, ARP, routing (RIP, OSPF), TCP, ICMP, NAT, DHCP, DNS, etc. The course consists of 10 weeks of networking labs. In lab quizes are used to evaluate the students’ understanding of the material and ensure that students have attempted the lab exercises in the class handouts. Students are required to review introductory networking material for each lab. 


Prerequisites: Introduction to Networking Course (a strict requirement!)


Class Notes: Available on the web (see below)

Software: Available with online downloads (GNS3, VirtualBox, Wireshark, Lubuntu).

Labs: Available on the web (see below)


Class Time: MW:  1pm – 3:50pm

Class Room:  DBHall 1500


Lab Room: CS 364  open lab



Reader: YunHo Huh,

TA Office Hours: Friday 10am-12:30pm, Room: DBH 3011


My coordinates: DB 3216,

My office hours: Friday 10:30m - 12:30pm


Course Requirements:  2 In Lab Quizes (60%), Final (40%)

Course Overview


Lab Set UpCommuications Example, Communications Model, IP Addressing

Data Link Layer, ARP
IP Overview, IP Control Protocol (ICMP), IP Forwarding
UDP, TCP Part 1, TCP Part 2
LAN Switching
Domain Name Server