CS 211A: Visual Computing



Instructor: Aditi Majumder (Office: DBH 4056)
Class Timings: M W: 11:00am-12:20pm

Office Hours: W: 1pm-2am
Email: majumder @ ics.uci.edu

Teaching Assistant: Hao Zhang

Email: zhang.hao.alan @ gmail.com

Office Hours: T-Th 5-6pm (DBH 4243)

Student Discussion and Questions: Message Board for Class Discussions

Tentative Outline of the Syallabus

1)      Image Based Visual Computing

a)      Convolution

b)      Linear filters

c)      Fourier Transform and Spectral Analysis

2)      Geometric Visual Computing

a)      Camera

b)      Geometric Camera Model

c)      Camera Calibration

d)     Correspondence

e)      Stereo Vision

f)       Photometric Stereo

g)      Epipolar Geometry

h)      Structured Light

3)      Radiometric Visual Computing

a)      Measuring Light

b)      BRDF

c)      Color

d)     Shading

4)      Visual Content Synthesis

a)      Rendering Pipeline

b)      Illumination and Shading

c)      Texture, Bump and Environment Mapping

d)     Shadows


1)       Digital Image Processing (2nd Edition), Rafael C. Gonzalez, Richard E. Woods

2)       The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing, Steven W. Smith

3)       Digital Image Processing: 3rd Edition, William K. Pratt

4)       Computer Vision: A Modern Approach by David A. Forsyth and Jean Ponce

5)       Three-Dimensional Computer Vision by Olivier Faugeras

6)       Multiple View Geometry in Computer Vision by Richard Hartley and Andrew Zisserman

7)       Computer Graphics with OpenGL, Prentice Hall, Hearn and Baker

8)       Interactive Computer Graphics: A Top Down Approach Using OpenGL, Addison Wesley, Edward Angel

9)       Introduction to Computer Graphics, Addison Wesley, J. D. Foley, A. van Dam, S. K. Feiner and J. F. Hughes.

10)   Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice, Addison Wesley, J. D. Foley, A. van Dam, S. K. Feiner and J. F. Hughes

11)   3D Computer Graphics, Addison Wesley, A. Watt


Grading Policy

        Pop Quiz 5%

        Programming Assignment 30%

        Midterm 25%

        Final Exam 40%

Class Topics

         Introduction  (26 Sep)

         Convolution (28 Sep, Oct 3) - Hand-written notes, First take on Spectral analysis

        Linear Filters (Oct 3, Oct 5)

        Fourier Transform (Oct 5, Oct 10) - Hand-written notes

        Sampling and Reconstruction (Oct 10)

        Extending to 2D DFT (Oct 12)

        Geometric Transformations (Oct 12, Oct 24) - Example of perspective projection taking points to infinity

        Camera Calibration (Oct 26)

        Epipolar Geometry (Oct 31, Nov 2, 4) - Slides

        Color Image Processing (Nov 7, 9, 14)

        Graphics Pipeline I (Nov 16)

        Graphics Pipeline 2 (Nov 16, 21) - Pipeline Matrix Derivation

        Illumination (Nov 21)

        Photometric Stereo (Nov 28)

        Texture Mapping (Nov 28)

        Bump and Environment Mapping (Nov 28)

        Compositing Techniques (Nov 30)

Programming Assignments

         Image Processing Assignment (Due: Oct 12)

o   Image Gallery

        DFT Assignment (Due: Oct 26)

o   Image Gallery

        Vision Assignment (Due: Nov 9)

o   Data

        Graphics Assignment (Due: Nov 30) - Code template

Weekly Pop Quiz

        Key to Week 2 Pop Quiz

        Key to Week 3 Pop Quiz

        Key to Week4 Pop Quiz

        Midterm 1 Key

        Key to Week 6 Pop Quiz

        Key to Week 7 Pop Quiz

        Key to Week 8 Pop Quiz

        Midterm 2 Key

Practice Questions