NISC Technology & Toolset

NISC (nĭsk) = No-Instruction-Set-Computer

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What can you do with the NISC Technology toolset?

Why use NISC?

No-Instruction-Set-Computer (NISC) Technology is the next generation of tools for design synthesis.
With NISC Technology, you can simultaneously gain higher productivity and better quality of results. Other techniques only offer one of these benefits.

Two popular approaches for designing digital systems:

Switching from RTL design to ASIP (and vice versa) requires changing the entire toolset and skill-set. So, you can only explore a very small domain. None of these approaches are suitable for designs with medium complexity!

With NISC Technology we address both the design productivity and quality. The main idea is to automatically compile a given application on a given datapath.
NISC technology offers a new approach for design of custom processor and IPs. It removes instructions to enable faster execution and better customization. Without instructions, NISC compiler has full control of all the components and connections in the datapath which enables it to achieve better resource utilization. One NISC toolset is sufficient for all possible datapaths. Therefore, NISC is the universal processing element for all IP designs.

NISC Technology Benefits

Who can use NISC?

NISC Technology can be used for many different purposes. You may want to use NISC if you are:

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