Nil Mamano

I am a second year Computer Science PhD student in the Theory group at UCI. I am advised by Professor Michael Goodrich.
I have a Bachelor Degree in Informatics Engineering from the Facultat d'Informatica de Barcelona, although I conducted my senior thesis at UCI under the guidance of Professor Wayne Hayes.

Teaching Assistant Assignments

Spring 2017
Graph Algorithms (CS163 / CS265), taught by Professor Michael Goodrich.
Winter 2017
Design and Analysis of Algorithms (CS161), taught by Professor Dan Hirschberg.
Fall 2016
Design and Analysis of Algorithms (CS161), taught by Professor David Eppstein.


  1. D. Eppstein, M.T. Goodrich, and N. Mamano, “Algorithms for Stable Matching and Clustering in a Grid,” International Workshop on Combinatorial Image Analysis, 2017
  2. N. Mamano and W. Hayes, “SANA: Simulated Annealing far outperforms many other search algorithms for biological network alignment,” Bioinformatics: Oxford Journals, 2017
  3. D. Eppstein, M.T. Goodrich, J. Lam, N. Mamano, M. Mitzenmacher, and M. Torres, “Models and algorithms for Graph Watermarking,” 19th Information Security Conference, 2016. Best Student Paper Award.
Whether we are talking about road maps (1), biological networks (2), or social networks (3), the common element to all these projects is the need for graph algorithms.


I contributed to the RACSO online Judge, a collection of automatically-judged exercises for the subject «Theory of Computation», that is: exercises asking to define recognizers / generators of formal languages (regular or context-free), as well as exercises asking for reductions between problems (undecidable or NP-complete).

SANA: a tool for aligning biological networks.

Some other projects on my Github.

Information and Computer Science
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA 92697-3425