Translational Layer

What are translational layers?

The translational layers are trusted software component which run inside the client machine. They cointain the server specific implementation that is required by the DataGuard middleware.

A simple translational layer contain the implementation of five functions.

    			public int connect(String username, String password);
    			public int disconnect();
    			public int store(AbstractObjectData O);
    			public int fetch(AbstractObjectData O);
    			public int delete(AbstractObjectData O);

The functions connect and disconnect open and close a session with the Internet Data Provider. The funtction store(AbstractObjectData O) stores an object O at the server and the function fetch(AbstractObjectData O) retrieves the object from the server. The function delete(AbstractObjectData O) deletes the object O stored at the server.


The first translational layer has been built on top of a DB2 database.


Probably everybody has a Gmail account, or more than one. So, why don't use all the storage space offered by Gmail?. This layer built a secure network file system on top of Gmail. Using this layer you will transform your Gmail account into a secure file storage space.

Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is a storage for the Internet. It provides a simple web services interface that can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data, at anytime, from anywhere on the web. Then, exactly what I need to build another secure network file system.