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Research Organization for Specification- and Architecture-based Testing E Analysis

Rosatea is a group in the Department of Information and Computer Science at the University of California, Irvine, working in collaboration with researchers at the University if Massachusetts at Amherst abd the University of Oregon at Eugene, researching Perpetual Testing as part of the High Assurance cluster of the DARPA-sponcored EDCS progam. Our efforts are coordinated with EDCS projects in other clusters, especially those in High Assurance and Architecture.



Rosatea's work in perpetual testing is striving to develop technologies to support seamless, perpetual analysis and testing of software through development, deployment and evolution. Whereas the current, dominant paradigm treats testing as a phase that succeeds development and precedes delivery, we are building the foundation for treating analysis and testing as on-going activities to improve quality assurance without pause through several generations of product, in the development environment as well as the deployed environment. Software in the deployed environment is monitored not only to check conformance to required properties but also to validate and refine the models and assumptions on which quality assurance activities in the development environment depend. The degree of monitoring and transmission of information to the development environment differs depending on performance and security requirements of the end-user and is always be under user control.

Perpetual testing is necessarily incremental. Analysis and testing processes are carried out in response to changes in software artifacts or associated information or in anticipation of change. Improvements to existing technologies focus largely on scalability and incrementality for large evolving systems. Analysis and testing is aimed at attaining and maintaining adequate adherence of all software artifacts to relations captured by a rich web of hypercode links, including dependence relations among software components and among properties and analysis techniques.


Argus-I "All-Seeing" Architecture Analysis. Argus-I color flyer (pdf)
Das-Boot Design- And Specification-Based Object-Oriented Testing. Das-Boot color flyer (pdf)
Siddhartha Specification-based Testing of Untestable (unparameterized) Ada Units. Siddhartha color flyer (pdf)
SoBeIt vers 1 Structural or Behavioral Execution Intrumentation Tool with support for GIL-based oracles. SoBeIt color flyer (pdf)
SoBeIt vers 2 Structural or Behavioral Execution Intrumentation Tool with support for GIL- and FSA-based oracles.  
TestTalk Software Test Description Language. TestTalk color flyer (pdf)
Web Testing Framework Automatic testing of Apache-based web sites  



Debra Richardson Principal Investigator djr@ics.uci.edu
Marcio Dias PhD Student mdias@ics.uci.edu
Chang Liu PhD Student liu@ics.uci.edu
Rajee Nagarajan PhD Student rajee@ics.uci.edu
Arthur Reyes PhD Student artreyes@ics.uci.edu
Michele Rousseau PhD Student michele@ics.uci.edu
Clark Turner PhD Student turner@ics.uci.edu
Marlon Vieira PhD Student mvieira@ics.uci.edu
Craig Snider Staff Programmer snider@ics.uci.edu
Scott Truesdell Staff Programmer truesdel@ics.uci.edu



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