CS 175: Weekly Schedule, Winter 2017

Class Schedule:
Week Monday Wednesday Deadlines
Jan 9 Introduction and course outline Basic concepts in automated text analysis
Jan 16 No class (university holiday) Text classification Assignment 1 (by Wednesday noon)
Jan 23 Text classification (continued) Ideas for class projects Assignment 2 (by Friday noon)
Jan 30 Discussion of project proposals Text clustering algorithms Project proposal (by Friday noon)
Feb 6 Evaluation methods Word prediction methods
Feb 13 Topic modeling algorithms Office hours (no lecture)
Feb 20 No class (university holiday) Office hours (no lecture)
Feb 27 Discussion (in class) of progress reports, class presentations, evaluation methods Office hours (no lecture) Progress report
(by Wednesday 11pm)
Mar 6 Project Presentations (in class) Project Presentations (in class) Slides to be uploaded to EEE by 1pm on the day of presentation
Mar 13 Short discussion on Final Project Reports No lecture or office hours
Mar 20 Finals week office hours: 1:00 to 3:00 Final project reports due Tuesday March 21st 11pm