Stats 5: Seminar in Data Science, Winter 2017

Time: Tuesdays, 11 to 11:50am
Location: DBH 1300
Instructor: Professor Padhraic Smyth

Description: This is a weekly seminar class intended as an introduction to the field of Data Science. The course is required for Data Science majors and is also open to other students interested in learning about the field and the major.

Format: Each week will consist of a guest lecture followed by discussion on a particular topic related to Data Science, with lectures from faculty experts in areas such as statistics, computer science, climate science, physics, social science, and more. To pass this class you need to attend and submit weekly reports for at least 7 of the 8 guest lectures.

Grading: Pass/Fail

Online copies of lecture slides

Copies of weekly report templates (to be submitted each week to EEE dropbox by noon on the day of class)

Class Schedule:
Date Speaker Department Topic
Jan 10 Padhraic Smyth Computer Science Introduction to Data Science
Jan 17 Sameer Singh Computer Science Machine Learning for Text (link to slides)
Jan 24 Charless Fowlkes Computer Science Computer Vision using Machine Learning
Jan 31 Pierre Baldi Computer Science Deep Learning and Neural Networks
Feb 7 Hernando Ombao Statistics Brain Signal Analysis: Statistics, Computing and Visualization
Feb 14 Zhoaxia Yu Statistics Cluster Analysis of Multivariate Data
Feb 21 Ramesh Jain Computer Science Event and Web Data
Feb 28 James Randerson Earth Systems Science Data-Driven Climate Science
Mar 7 Mark Steyvers Cognitive Science Data and Models in Cognitive Science
Mar 14 Padhraic Smyth Computer Science The Future of Data Science

Academic Integrity: It is the responsibility of each student to be familiar with UCI's Academic Integrity Policies and UCI's definitions and examples of academic misconduct. Failure to adhere to these policies below can result in a student receiving a failing grade in the class.