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Spider SENSE: Software-Engineering, Networked, System Evaluation | 07 Oct 2015

Spider SENSE
Revealing Runtime Features and Constituent Behaviors within Software | 07 Oct 2015

Attended VISSOFT 2015 | 01 Oct 2015
news VISSOFT15 conference Software Visualizations Research

VISSFOT 2015 was held in Bremen, Germany this year and it turned out to be an interesting time there for me! I presented two works around novel visualizations and software research, and got some great appreciation and feedback for it! Despite being a young community, I found the conference engaging and I am evermore enthusiastic about the role of visualizations in the area of software engineeri...

Summer Internship at Microsoft | 15 Sep 2015
news Microsoft internship engineering

I spent a set of 12 amazing weeks this summer at Redmond, Washington, where I worked as an engineering intern with the Word engineering team at Microsoft. Aside from the challenging work, it was nice to work and have fun with a great set of people! And it was not just work, but I also had a time of my life while enjoying great Washington weather, a Marron 5 rock concert, a hike upto 6,800 ft...

Part of Winning Team @ UCI Data Science Hackathon | 11 Jan 2015
news hackathon data science
PL241-Compiler | 11 Dec 2014
project compiler SSA optimization code-generation program-analysis

The PL241-Compiler is an SSA-based optimizing compiler that supports copy propagation, common subexpression elimination, constant folding, register allocation and code generation for the DLX (pronounced ‘Deluxe’) RISC processor architecture. I wrote the compiler as a part of a graduate course at UC Irvine. It was both a challenging and extremely useful course and compiler to work on. In fact, ...

Advanced To Candidacy | 11 Dec 2014
news PhD exam Software Engineering

I am happy to report that I have passed the Advancement to Candidacy exam, the second milestone towards my PhD. Still a long way to go, but there is now one less thing to worry about! Also it seems, that now I get to call my self a Ph.D. Candidate at UC Irvine. The Advancement to Candidacy exam is the second milestone for a Ph.D. student in the Software Engineering Program at UC Irvine. It req...

New Ideas Talk at ASE 2014 | 06 Oct 2014
news ASE14 conference Software Engineering Research
New Ideas Paper accepted at ASE 2014 | 02 Jul 2014
news ASE14 dynamic analysis paper acceptance SpiderLab
Discriminating Influences among Instructions in a Dynamic Slice | 02 Jul 2014

Discriminating Dynamic Influences
Talk at AIT, UoP | 30 Dec 2013
news talk AIT Software Engineering PhD
Software Engineering Phase 2 Exam Cleared | 19 Dec 2013
news PhD exam Software Engineering

The Phase 2 exam is the first milestone for a Ph.D. student in the Software Engineering Program at UC Irvine. It entails the reading of 62 research papers from all fields of software engineering and finally a 6 hour long essay-based exam that tests the examinees about the different aspects of software engineering as a field of practice and research, how it has progressed over the years, the ma...

Technical Research Talk at ASE 2013 | 14 Nov 2013
news ASE13 conference Software Engineering Research
Latex Random Conjunctions | 31 Aug 2013
project latex conjunctions

{Distracted by thinking of alternate ways of saying things that like “Moreover” and “Therefore”, in your scientific writing? Don’t be! You can now focus on the stuff that really matters and leave the burden of figuring out the new ways to say some common place words with this latex package. Code:

Analyzing F.R.I.E.N.D.S. | 31 Aug 2013
project text-processing F.R.I.E.N.D.S. html-processing

This is a product of being a big fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and a software engineer. :) I want to see if i can find something interesting by running some basic text analysis and statistics on the transcripts of the episodes. questions that i am trying to answer: - Who speaks the most? - Summaries of individual episodes? - Summaries of what each F.R.I.E.N.D.S. said? Code:

Improving Efficiency of Dynamic Analysis with Dynamic Dependence Summaries | 23 Jul 2013

Dynamic Dependence Summaries
Dynamic Summaries paper accepted at ASE 2013 | 23 Jul 2013
news ASE13 dynamic analysis paper acceptance SpiderLab

My paper with Prof. Xu and Prof Jones, titled: “Improving Efficiency of Dynamic Analysis with Dynamic Dependence Summaries”, was accepted at the technical research track at ASE 2013! This work describes a novel technique to summarize the API method behavior in terms of the dynamic dependence relations observed therein.

Visualizing Constituent Behaviors within Executions | 19 Jul 2013

The Brain
The Brain accepted at VISSOFT NIER 2013 | 19 Jul 2013
news VISSOFT13 Visualization paper acceptance SpiderLab

Our paper titled: “Visualizing Constituent Behaviors within Executions”, that describes the visulization behind the early prototype that we created called THE BRAIN, was accepted at the NIER paper track at VISSOFT 2013! A draft version of the paper is available here.

Johnny Takes on Stats | 10 Jun 2013
project statistics Class Project Quantitative Methods hypothesis testing t-Test

Live demo: The purpose of this interactive narrative-based tutorial on statistical methods is to establish a simplified way for students to learn statistical concepts (specifically Hypothesis testing with t-tests) that are grounded in real-life examples. In addition to a narrative, an interface in presented that allows students to interact with data s...

The Brain - Prototype | 31 May 2013
project SpiderLab ISR2013 Program-Execution Visualization
Attending the ISR Forum 2013 | 31 May 2013
news Software Engineering Research ISR2013 UCI
Attending ICSE 2013 | 23 May 2013
news ICSE13 conference Software Engineering Research
Trendy bugs: Topic trends in the Android bug reports | 03 Jun 2012

Trendy Bugs
Attending ICSE and MSR 2012 | 02 Jun 2012
news ICSE '12 conference MSR '12 event
Attending the ISR Forum 2012 | 17 May 2012
news event ISR '12
Lambda Calculus Interpreter in Scheme | 16 Apr 2012
project scheme lambda-calculus interpreter

So this was a cool class project that I worked on where we were to implement a lambda calculus interpreter in any language of our choice. It just seemed too natural to do this in Scheme. :) It attempts to implement both alpha and beta reductions. The following code for the interpreter is also available as a gist, with test cases: ;;UCI Class P...

Trendy Bugs: Topic Trends in the Android Bug Reports | 31 Mar 2012
project Class Project Information Retrieval and Classification MSR '12

Studying vast volumes of bug and issue discussions can give an understanding of what the community has been most concerned about, however the magnitude of documents can overload the analyst. We present an approach to analyze the development of the Android open source project by observing trends in the bug discussions in the Android open source project public issue tracker. This informs us of th...

Plug & Play Models for Video Game Systems | 31 Mar 2012
project Class Project Requirements Engineering for Games

Developed a set of Plug & Play Models for Video Game systems. These models were developed with the aim of assisting game designers and engineers to identify the baseline requirements in their games which they can then modify to the specific requirements of the game that they are developing. The fact that there exists a common feature set across all games that are or may exist, is leveraged ...

Dynamic Program Analyzer for Java Bytecode | 31 Mar 2012
project Class Project Dynamic Program Analysis

Developed a framework for dynamic program analysis for Java byte code using ASM. The framework instruments the bytecode for a given Java system/project and performs analysis to detect the data and control dependencies between statements of source code.

Trendy Bugs accepted at MSR Challenge 2012 | 16 Mar 2012
news MSR '12 MSR Challenge '12 paper acceptance
Accepted at UCI for the Software Engineering Ph.D. | 16 Mar 2012
news UCI acceptance phd
Web User Interface Wireframe of U.S. Presidential Election Board Game | 31 Dec 2011
project Class Project HCI

Developed wireframe of a web based user interface of an existing board game based on the U.S. Presidential Elections as a part of a 6 man team. Conducted Cognitive Walkthroughs and Heuristic Evaluations for the wireframes developed. The scope of the wireframes was limited to the first two phases, i.e. the Primaries and Conventions. The objective of the project was to take the first steps in de...

Java Code to Flow Diagram Converter | 31 Mar 2010
project Undergrad Final Year Project Static Proram Analysis

Developed an Eclipse Plug-in to statically reverse engineer a selected Java code snippet, to corresponding Sequence Diagram. Recursive parsing of Abstract Syntax Tree of code was done to derive chronological ordering of method invocations, thus accurately depicting Program Flow.

Mobile And Online Voting System | 30 Apr 2009
project Imagine Cup '09

Developed the software design, with a working prototype, for electoral voting via a seamless integration of both web and cellular technologies. Objective was to solve the toughest problems of mankind using technology. Involved intensive requirement analysis and research of target users, to identify a system required to meet that objective. Interviewed user groups from urban and rural background...

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