CSCI 140: Algorithms - Pomona Section (Spring 2017)

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Instructors and Office Hours

Instructor: William Devanny
Office: Edmunds Hall 128
Email: and
Office Hours: 4:00-6:00 pm Monday and Wednesday

TAs: Ethan Prater-Fahey, Andi Chen, Anant Jaitha
Andi Chen's Mentor hours: 6-8 Thursday near the Edmunds Hall Labs
Anant Jaitha's Mentor hours: 6-8 Monday near the Edmunds Hall Labs
Ethan Prater-Fahey's Mentor hours: 6-8 Tuesday near the Edmunds Hall Labs

Lectures, Labs, and Exams

Lecture: Monday/Wednesday 2:45-4:00 pm in Seaver Commons, Room 103
Midterm 1: Wednesday, Feb 15th (Tentative)
Midterm 2: Wednesday, Mar 29th (Tentative)
Final: Monday, May 8th 2:00 pm

Course Resources

This course will be taught from Introduction to Algorithms by Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald L. Rivest, and Clifford Stein.

The Piazza forum for our class can be found here. Course announcements, problem sets, and other resources will be posted there.

Questions about course material are best asked in person during class or office hours. Outside of these hours please try to ask questions on our Piazza forum. It is a great place for class discussion and helps other students with similar questions. You are also welcome to email me with any questions. Please include CS 140 somewhere in the subject of any emails addressed to me.

Some pages that may prove helpful for setting up and working with LaTeX:

I am also happy to help troubleshoot LaTeX problems in office hours.

Grading Policy

Grades will be computed by a weighted combination of your problem sets, midterms, and final:

Letter grade conversions will be decided at the end of the course.

Course Schedule

Week 1 (Jan 16th) Week 2 (Jan 23rd) Week 3 (Jan 30th) Week 4 (Feb 6th) Week 5 (Feb 13th) Week 6 (Feb 20th) Week 7 (Feb 27th) Week 8 (Mar 6th) Week 9 (Mar 13th) - Spring recess no classes Week 10 (Mar 20th) Week 11 (Mar 27th) Week 12 (Apr 3rd) Week 13 (Apr 10th) Week 14 (Apr 17th) Week 15 (Apr 24th) Week 16 (May 1st)

Problem Sets

The problem sets will be released weekly on the course Piazza forum for our class under the resources tab. The problem sets will generally be due on the following Wednesday.

Collaborating with other students on the homework is highly encouraged, but copying answers is not okay. Make sure everything you write down you understand and is in your own words. Giving others credit for their contribution is important so please list anyone you collaborate with on the assignment. For the first three homeworks you are required to type them up using latex. After that you are welcome to hand write or type up your solutions.

Some homeworks will include optional challenge extra credit problems. Earning full credit will require thorough and correct answers.

Academic Honesty

The Pomona College policy on academic honesty can be found here.

All of the work you complete in this class should be your own. Discussing course material at a high level is encouraged, however at no point should you share written or typed answers with other students. Additionally, answers on exams and quizzes should be entirely your own work. Exams will be closed-note and closed-book.

Accommodations for Disabilities

If you feel you need any accommodations based on a disability, please contact me and Accessibility Resources and Services as soon as possibile to ensure the apporpriate accommodations can me made.


Portions of this course are based on similar Algorithms courses taught at Pomona College including those taught by Professor Yi Chen.