- CS213 Exampool
- Document of Compile Mitsuba using Bash on Ubuntu on Windows
- Document of camera calibration using Apriltags
- Manifold Exploration: Markov Chain Monte Carlo


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CS295 (Spring2017): Realistic Image Synthesis (Instructor: Shuang Zhao)
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CS216 (Spring2017): Image Understanding (Instructor: Charless Fowlkes)
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CS213 (Winter2017): Introduction to Visual Perception (Instructor: Aditi Majumder)

CS274c (Winter2017): Neural Networks and Deep Learning (Instructor: Pierre Baldi)
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CS260 (Winter2017): Fundamentals of the Design and Analysis of Algorithms (Instructor: Michael Dillencourt)

CS271 (Fall2016): Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (Instructor: Kalev Kask)
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Paper Reading:
2016.11.08 Self Introduction [pdf]
2017.02.16 "Ultrahigh-Definition Dynamic 3D Holographic Display by Active Control of Volume Speckle Fields" [pdf]
2017.03.24 "Content-Adaptive Parallax Barriers: Optimizing Dual-Layer 3D Displays using Low-Rank Light Field Factorization" [pdf]
2017.04.27 "Efficient Rendering of Heterogeneous Polydisperse Granular Materials" [pdf]
2017.05.10 ICS Showcase [pdf] [video]
2017.05.23 "Reconstructing the Indirect Light Field for Global Illumination" [pdf]
2017.06.08 "Multiple-Scattering Microfacet BSDFs with the Smith Model" [pdf]
2017.10.11 "Artificial Intellegence and Deep Learning" [pptx]

Bi-weekly Report:
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Compile Mitsuba on Windows:
Compile Mitsuba using Bash on Ubuntu on Windows: