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As public funding for our state’s universities declines and the costs and risks of corporate research and development escalate, there is increasing motivation for forging bonds between academia and industry. The Bren School is research oriented - even at the undergraduate level - with formal projects addressing hardware, software, algorithm design, artificial intelligence and the societal impacts of computing.

Research orientated education means Bren School students arrive at companies already comfortable on the leading edge and poised to make an immediate impact. In addition to students, our world renowed faculty work with outside companies and frequently collaborate with professionals in other academic areas to create even greater synergy. This results in a combination of corporate insight, faculty guidance and student energy that has proven time and again to be the spark that ignites tomorrow’s products and services.

In 2005-06, the Bren School development office raised over $1 million in individual and corporate donations (in addition to the $13 million in contract and grant funds collected by facutly, students and project scientists).

The Bren School programs listed below offers individual and corporate donors an opportunity to interface with our students and faculty.

Through this in-class internship program, your company can augment its IT staff for a 10-week period partnering with a dynamic, senior-level team of Bren School students to start, develop or complete an existing technology project.

The ICS Technology Entrepreneurship Compettion (hITEC) is a student competition designed to encourage the development of new products by UCI undergraduate and graduate students. hITEC, formerly Extreme Computing, offers you a chance to mentor a team of students as they develop a new product and attempt to enter it into the marketplace.

Scholarships and Fellowships
Support a student by sponsoring a scholarship or fellowship. In forging relationships with the students they support, current donors have discovered that Bren School students are more than scholars, they also are community volunteers, dedicated youth leaders, responsible young adults and promising future professionals.



*Does not include $20 million gift from Irvine Company Chairman Donald Bren