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Honor Roll of Donors »

photo: paul and jo butterworth
The Bren School received a $1.3 million gift from alumnus Paul Butterworth '74, MS '81 and his wife Jo.

The gift will be applied to student scholarships, fellowships and other undergraduate and graduate student endeavor’s at the Dean's discretion.

For his continued and generous support to the Bren School, as well as his professional achievements at pioneering new technologies and founding companies that have brought recognition to the School and the University.

Paul was recognized at UCI Alumni Association's 2006 Lauds and Laurels event with the Distinguished Alumnus Award.


$20 Million
Brigitte and Donald Bren

$1.5 Million
Janice F. and Ted Smith


Paul E. and Katherine Jo Butterworth

$50,000 to $99,999
Susan T. and Kevin C. Daly
Farshad Farhand '94
Barbara L. and Robert A. Kleist

$25,000 to $49,999
Jenny S. and Steven F. Mizusawa '72

$10,000 to $24,999
Monica F. and James P. Hobbs '73

$5,000 to $9,999
Dara L. and Neal J. Linson

$1,000 to $4,999
Philip L. Garrett '74
Min S. Kim '05
Elizabeth and Paul V. Mockapetris '81

Less than $1,000

Craig J. Abbott ’91 Maria K. Libay ’03
Lynn E. ’84 and Marc E. Acosta Martin Liberal ’01
Steven J. Acterman ’99 Melinda P. ’92 and Todd J. Lubiens
Sandra G. ’77 and John R. Alburger ’77 Jeffrey C. Ma ’05
Chris A. and Stephen M. Alessi ’91 Michael L. Maloney ’72
Mary Anne Anthony-Smith and John L. Smith ’86 Martin E. Mathis ’04
Daniel S. Appleman ’80 Peggy A. and Gregg E. Maxwell ’72
Samuel O. Aronoff ’03 Janice K. and Denver D. McClellan ’81
Lisa N. and David A. Aronowitz ’97 Pamela and Alexander F. Metherell
Kathie R. Barber ’80 and Gen Miake ’80 Robbin R. Mountford ’74
Vince G. Batchelor ’04 Russell D. Ng ’04
Ryan W. Beeler ’04 Stanford J. Ng ’00
Yan B. Boey ’04 Minh Q. Nguyen ’02
Vickie L. and David L. Burch ’97 Tam D. Nguyen ’94
Ambrose J. Chan ’04 Thuy N. Nguyen ’95
Bonnie A. and Kenneth E. Charlton ’70 Richard J. Nim ’99
Jeff Y. Chen ’03 Peera Nimsombun ’05
Jesse P. Chen ’03 Colleen A. and Michael A. Noack ’88
Christina C. Cheng ’04 Ben R. Nogawa ’83
Jennifer and Michael L. Chiulli ’99 Susan D. Osofsky ’87
Kelvin C. Cho ’04 Nikki M. Otera-Allred and Ted Allred
Anna E. ’87 and Chong U. Lee Helena D. Park ’81
Steve L. Cirivello ’80 Stephen F. Regan ’04
Romeo C. Concepcion, Jr. ’04 Dwight W. Reilly, Jr. ’82
Margaret S. ’98 and Michael J. Danner Kimberly A. ’82 and Patrick E. Rhoten
Kevin D. Dodd ’04 Knieya J. Richardson ’05
Albert R. Esquibel, Jr. ’89 Sharon B. Rowell
Jason L. Fair ’00 Ron A. Sandel
Roderick A. Flippen ’75 Tristan J. Santos ’03
Karin M. ’69 and Jeffrey R. Freeman ’73 John Schaefer
Anne R. Frohock ’80 Suzanne K. Schaefer ’95
Patricia A. ’93 and Tom T. Furukawa ’94 Valerie R. ’74 and David L. Schmidt
Julia B. Gaudinski ’98 and Emmet J. Whitehead, Jr. ’94 Yolanda and Modesto P. Sevilla ’94
Joseph S. Gharibian ’03 Donald J. Shaw ’05
Oliva M. ’02 and Thomas P. Baronner Shaun T. Shue ’03
Robert T. Goodman ’90 Barbara B. Simons
Carolyn D. Greenwood ’77 Alicia G. ’94 and Eric A. Smith ’96
Lori A. and Peter Gruenbeck ’85 Brian M. Stack ’04
Raquel T. Gulas ’01 Mary B. and Bruce A. Stephens ’79
Laura A. Hammond ’82 and Edmund Y. Takashima ’82 Angie Su and Jackson C. Tsai ’88
Michelle L. Hansberger and Steven M. Anderson ’86 Monica M. and Jinn-Yen Su
Gary A. Harris ’74 Girish Suryanarayana ’01
Susan E. ’82 and Mathew T. Heffron Stephanie A. ’87 and Richard Y. Suzuki
Elaine S. and Wayne W. Hill ’82 Marianne Taggart ’80
Maximilian S. Ho ’02 Shubha Tandon ’05
Thaiuyen Ho ’04 Charron A. and Robert E. Thomas ’78
Brian L. Hoogerbrugge ’89 Rudy Tjahjono ’04
Marsha D. Hopwood ’74 Mark B. Torres ’88
Jeannie and Wayne A. Horner ’81 Robert H. Tran ’98
Christopher Hsu ’01 Charles D. Traynor ’75
Peter Huang Fu ’04 Yi-Hsia Tsai
Sara B. Kiesler Jimmy H. Tu ’05
Hyung S. Kim ’04 Sarah Tull and Todd J. Wagner ’72
Sun A. and Heung E. Kim ’79 Lu-Sin Tzeng ’05
Robert M. Klashner ’00 Ning Wang ’01
Julie A. ’87 and John Kliszewski Judy L. and William K. Weinberger ’79
John A. Knecht ’71 Beverly and Barry Wellman
Doreen H. and Jerry K. Kong ’74 Jenny Z. Wen ’04
Michael C. Kutas ’01 Jerry Wen ’99
Catherine D. and Rick L. La Pierre Mrs. Karen Wieckert and Mr. Rogers Hall
Roberta E. Lamb ’97 Wendy M. Wilson ’86
Stephanie M. Lau ’05 J. Matthew Wright ’90
Hung P. Le ’03 Jonathan Y. Wu ’04
Gilmore Lee ’02 Kevin K. Yamada ’02
John C. Lee ’96 Norma J. Yokota-Norwood ’81 and Benjamin Norwood
Carrie R. and Richard S. Levine ’81 Jannite J. Yu and Xiping Song ’92
Yi-ping Li ’03  


$50,000 to $100,000
FileNet Corporation
Fujitsu Limited
Hitachi America, Ltd.
IBM Corporation
Intel Corporation
Siemens Corporate Research, Inc.
Zenographics, Inc.

$25,000 to $49,999
D-Link Systems, Inc.
The Irvine Company TIC Corporate General
WebReach, Inc.

$10,000 to $24,999
Beall Family Foundation
Coda Genomics, LLC
Orange County Teachers Federal Credit Union
Springer SBM LLC

$5,000 to $9,999
California Community Foundation, Inc.
Microsoft Corporation
Unisys Corporation

$1,000 to $4,999
The Fluor Foundation
Northwind Ventures, Inc.
Printronix, Inc. Global Printing Solutions
Skyy Consulting, Inc.
The Tech Factory
Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc.
Trinet Internet Solutions
Xavor Corporation

Less than $1,000
A-1 Engineering Contractors, Inc.
Global Innovation Service LLC
Indue Management, Inc.
Princess Productions