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Bren School Events »

The Bren School is proud to feature colloquiums, seminars and speaker series' sponsored by our departments and research centers. The following is a selected list of events that the Bren School offered to our faculty and students during the 2005-06 academic year.


» Quality Driven Software Reengineering1
» Southern California Security and Cryptography Workshop
» Disaster Prediction Response and Recovery (DisPRR)
– Australia coming to the RESCUE
» ACE ‘Free Range Intellectuals’ Lecture Series: Andrew Pickering
» Self-consistency in the Context of Bayesian Inference
» Google Information Session
» Jeffrey Skolnick (Univ. at Buffalo)2
» DFuse and MediaBroker: System Support for Sensor- Based Distributed Computing
» PIE - Programmable Internet Environment
» Leslie Orgel (Salk Institute)2
» Michael Muller (Lotus Development Corp.)1


» Ted & Janice Smith Distinguished Lecture Series (2)
» Colloquium: Yee Whye Teh (NUS)
» Terrence Sejnowski (Salk Institute)2
» GeoDec: Enabling Geospatial Decision Making3
» Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz (Univ. of Calgary)4
» ACM Career Expo• Dimension Reduction in Regression: Methods with a Unified Index
» Some Recent Developments in Bayesian Model Selection
» Some Contributions to Robust Nonparametric Smoothing
» Statistics Seminar Series (3)
» John Sören Pettersson: Model-Driven Discovery and the NF-kappaB Signaling Network
» Finding, Curating and Searching the Internet’s Chemistry
» Genomic Approaches to Understanding the Genetic Basis of Human Disease
» High-Productivity Programming Languages for Peta- Scale Systems
» Kimmen Sjolander (UC Berkeley)4
» Ontologies for the Semantic Web
» Real-Time Rendering of Non-Height-Field Surface Details
» Laurie Williams (North Carolina State Univ.)2
» Learning Joint Motion and Illumination Models From Video
» The Georgia Tech Biotracking Project
» 2006 Orange County/Los Angeles Biomedical Forum


» Computational Biology: Innovative Research Ignites Successful Startup
» TechWork: Bren School Career Night
» Network Systems Distinguished Speaker Series
» MASSIVE: Research Summit on the Future of Networked Multiplayer Games
» Network Systems Distinguished Speaker Series
» RESCUE Distinguished Lecture Series: Is the Tail Wagging the Dog?
» Les Gasser (UIUC)5
» Soren Brunak (Technical University of Denmark)2
» Combining Biomechanical Simulation and Planning Algorithms to Optimize Medical Needle Insertion4
» Applying Cryptography in 3G Cellular Security
» Wayne Wolf, Modeling Disease Incidence Data with Spatial and Spatio-Temporal
» Computer Science Colloquium: Director of Design Verification, Scott Runner (Qualcomm)
» Stephen Altschul (NIH)2
» Context, Context, Context: The Next Law of Search
» Colloquium: Neural Representation of Visual Information
» Colloquim: Experimental and Computational Methods in Molecular Biology
» Faceted Metadata in Search User Interfaces3
» Networked Systems Distinguished Speaker: Constantine Dvrolis (Georgia Tech)
» Securing Topology Maintenance Protocols for Sensor Networks: Attacks and Countermeasures
» Robocode Tournament
» Chancellor’s Distinguished Fellows Series: Marvin Minsky (MIT)
» ISR Research Forum
» Grad Student Research Forum
» Commencement

1Informatics Seminar Series
2IGB Distinguished Speaker
3RESCUE Seminar
4IGB Colloquium
5ISR Distinguished Speaker