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By the Numbers »

2005-06 Quick Facts
  Total allocation (all fund sources): $27,105,540  
  Total expenses: $17,838,594  
  Number of Contracts and Grants processed: 59  
  Total of Contracts and Grants processed: $27,000,000  
  Contract and Grant expenditures: $4,500,000  
  Contract and Grant funds received: $13,222,220  
  Number of processed/audited reimbursements or payment requests: 1,801  
  Total of processed reimbursements or payment requests: $747,040  


Faculty & Staff
  Professors 60  
  Emeriti Professors 3  
  Technical Staff 12  
  Professional Staff 26  
  Administrative Staff 10  
  Postdoctoral Scholars and Researchers 32  
  Lecturers 9  
  Visiting Scholars 10  
  Teaching Assistants 120  
  Graduate Student Researchers 306  
  Readers 76  


Bren School Facility Overview
  ICS 1 24,416 (assignable square feet)  
  Computer Science 2 9,731  
  Donald Bren Hall 89,000  


Computing at a Glance
  » 500+ workstations available for instructional use    
  » 24-hour remote computing access for students    
  » 12 special-purpose labs    
  » Wireless access available throughout the Bren School complex