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Corporate Donors


Cisco Systems, Inc.

$50,000 to $99,999
D-Link Systems, Inc.
Hitachi America, Ltd.
IBM Corporation
Intel Corporation
Mozilla Corporation
School Broadcasting Company

$25,000 to $49,999
Google, Inc.
Microsoft Corporation
WebReach, Inc.

$10,000 to $24,999
California Community
Foundation, Inc.
Conexant Systems, Inc.
Lanier Worldwide, Inc.
Printronix, Inc. Global Printing Solutions
The Beall Family Foundation

$5,000 to $9,999
Springer SBM LLC
The Aerospace Corporation
Troxell Communications, Inc.
Tustin Irvine Medical Group

$2,500 to $4,999
Blue Instant, Inc.
Corporate Wellness Team
Netreo, Inc.
Sendio, Inc.
The Fluor Foundation

$1,000 to $4,999
Advisor Charitable Gift Fund
Association for Women in
Deloitte Foundation
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Northwind Ventures, Inc.
Opamp Technical Books, Inc.

$500 to $999
HireRight, Inc.
Intel Foundation
Kofax Image Products
Microsoft Foundation
Orange County Teachers Federal Credit Union
Volt Information Sciences, Inc.

$250 to $499
A-1 Engineering Contractors, Inc.
MTS Sensors
Northrop Grumman Foundation
Raytheon Company/Charitable Gift Fund Foundation
Teledyne Controls
The Boeing Company

Under $250
Adobe Systems, Inc.
Charles Schwab Foundation
Cingular Wireless
Oracle Corporation
Qualcomm Incorporated

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$20 Million
Brigitte and Donald Bren

$1.5 Million
Janice F. and Ted Smith

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Joan F. and Donald R. Beall
Barbara L. and Robert A. Kleist

$5,000 to $9,999
Wayne B. Hayes

$2,500 to $4,999
Vincent Bennett
Philip L. Garrett ‘74
Monica F. and James P. Hobbs ‘73
Timothy A. Kashani ‘86
Scott D. Murphy ‘03

$1,000 to $2,499
Hana and Francisco J. Ayala
Daniel H. Bass
Ira D. Baxter ‘90
Katherine J. and Paul E. Butterworth ‘74
Jayshree ‘89 and Rick A. Dutta
Frances Gih-Lueker and George S. Lueker
Patrick J. Hanratty ‘77
David H. Lim ‘05
Lyn I. and John L. Luzwick
Caroline W. Metherell ‘98
Pamela and Alexander F. Metherell
Jenny S. and Steven F. Mizusawa ‘72
Elizabeth and Paul V. Mockapetris ‘81
Vickie A. Zaura and Jack L. Ringquist ‘83

$500 to $999
Steven J. Acterman ‘99
Brian S. Davis ‘85
Jessica and Timothy Hsieh
David G. Kay
Sheryl A. Manongdo ‘03
Hope H. and Bruce Miller
Stanford J. Ng ‘00
Richard A. West ‘76

$250 to $499
Vic F. Afsahi ‘00
Thomas A. Alspaugh
Debbie J. and Eric R. Anderson
Ilie T. Ardelean ‘96
Stein T. Bang ‘87
Nicole ‘04 and Justin Z. Bartlett ‘00
Aileen and Ruggero Broccardo
Richard C. Brownback ‘71
Madonnalisa G. and Jeffrey W. Chan ‘96
Wadhana and Saman Choontanom
Leslie S. and John S. Conery ‘80
Jonathan O. Danao ‘04
Becky and Harold C. Deering ‘73
Nikil D. Dutt
Stevan S. Eidson ‘80
Nabil Elazmeh ‘05
Lara C. ‘98 and Jim Farhadi
Farshad Farhand ‘94
Andrew C. Felch ‘02
Patricia A. ‘93 and Tom T. Furukawa ‘94
Ruby S. and Johnny Gaw
Cynthia R. and Russell Glass
Omar Gonzalez ‘05
Paul Goodwin ‘71
Laura A. Hammond ‘83
and Edmund Y. Takashima ‘82
Michelle L. Hansberger
and Steven M. Anderson ‘86
Denise G. Holmes ‘73
Marsha D. Hopwood ‘74
Mark H. Hurd
Neil O. Javalla ‘07
Jocelyn V. and Clark K. Johnson ‘90
Barbara B. ‘75 and James J. Kew
Leslie J. and Bruce A. Kimmel
Eric A. Kowalik and Meghan R. Kowalik
Catherine D. and Rick L. La Pierre
Veronica M. Lagrange Reis ‘96 and
Antenor A. Carvalho ‘96
Ken Lam ‘06
Paul B. Landfair ‘71
Amy W. and Anthony C. Law
Jennifer T. Law ‘06
Allie H. and Steven S. Lee
Jaclyn H. Lee ‘07
Kwan Y. Lee and Johnny C. Cheung ‘82
Julio C. Leite ‘86
Yoko T. Lemon ‘97
Kevin K. Leung ‘03
Chen Li
Thomas G. Lockwood ‘75
Annette R. Luckow ‘95
Domnica and Mihai Marcu
Ellen D. ‘75 and Jeffrey W. McGuire ‘76
Theresa M. Montoya-Kahr ‘97
and Sean K. Kahr ‘90
Nikki M. Otera-Allred and Ted Allred
Jorge L. Paredes ‘91
Donald J. Patterson
Robert W. Petersen ‘91
Julie M. and Robert E. Romney ‘83
Amy K. and Michael Saivetz
Channa G. Samynathan ‘96
Raul Sanchez ‘96
Ryan N. Sawh ‘04
Suzanne K. ‘95 and John Schaefer
Anju Sharma ‘08
Edmond C. Shi ‘83
Charles Y. Son ‘99
Yidi Tao and Weiping Koo
Vinh N. Thai ‘03
Paul L. Tilton ‘02
Christopher J. Trezzo ‘07
Debra and James Trezzo
Ta-Chih Tsai ‘94
Melissa H. ‘03 and Lloyd R. Tullues ‘03
David van Dyk
Wendy M. Wilson ‘86
Timothy C. Winkler ‘76
Albert T. Wong ‘01
Burton T. Wood ‘84
Janet L. Woods ‘77
Matthew H. Wu ‘97

$100 to $249
Lynn E. ‘84 and Marc E. Acosta
Andrew C. Annas ‘94
Andrew L. Bliss ‘91
Caryn and Igor V. Cadez ‘99
Jimmy C. Chau ‘98
Marie J. Chi ‘04
Steve L. Cirivello ‘80
Laurie L. and Bradley J. Craig ‘84
Helen Dang
Thomas J. Dang ‘08
Veronica D. and Bernard K. Dy ‘90
Joseph Essakhanian ‘98
Jason L. Fair ‘00
Jessica X. Fan ‘93 and Zhong Yu
Anne R. Frohock ‘80
Diane M. ‘84 and Theodore M. Gasteyer
Robert T. Goodman ‘90
Gregg C. Greayer ‘89
Lori A. and Peter Gruenbeck ‘85
Laina and Walter E. Gruver ‘94
Gary A. Harris ‘74
Thomas A. Heideman ‘86
Jeannie and Wayne A. Horner ‘81
James N. Kawasaki ‘76
Moses Kwon ‘01
Siu K. Leung ‘02
Alice H. Liao ‘93
Peggy A. and Gregg E. Maxwell ‘72
Russell D. Ng ‘04
Loc D. Nguyen ‘88
Thuan T. Nguyen ‘05
Thuy N. Nguyen ‘95
Richard J. Nim ‘99
Susan D. Osofsky ‘87
Dwight W. Reilly ‘82
Anne M. Richardson-Gibbs
and Donald E. Gibbs ‘78
Valerie R. ‘74 and David L. Schmidt
Sarah and Truman W. Smith ‘80
David M. Taback ‘85
Marianne Taggart ‘80
Kimber L. and Christopher J.
Thompson ‘84
Karen H. ‘87 and Mark D. Turner ‘87
Dhawal A. Vora ‘05
Christopher J. Weber ‘97
Minghua Xu ‘99 and Jie Fang
Joyce and Frank K. Yada ‘87
Erica Yamaguchi ‘96 and Bradley S. Stelcik
Dena H. Yin ‘05
Dongpei Zhuo ‘93

Under $100
Kimberly Anderson-Mitchell ‘82 and Ed-
ward E. Mitchell ‘80
Karen and Eric D. Andresen ‘82
Minh H. Bach ‘05
Michael J. Bartlett ‘03
Jeanne I. and David P. Bauer ‘76
Andrew M. Biolchino ‘95
Kathryn K. ‘83 and Steven A. Blossom
Paul B. Bowen ‘84
Donald F. Box ‘92
Nira M. Brand ‘98
Carolyn A. ‘84 and Bradley Bryant
Vickie L. and David L. Burch ‘78
Janice M. Burns ‘87 and Hugh H.
Stevenson ‘72
Timothy D. Byrd ‘84
Ruben Campos ‘96
Li Y. Chen ‘02
Michelle Y. Chen ‘04
Reynold Chen ‘05
Yih R. Chen ‘90
Jennifer and Michael L. Chiulli ‘99
Anna E. ‘87 and Chong U. Lee
Trina T. Choontanom ‘08
Timothy D. Cobb ‘78
Barbara and Robert Cringle
Tim A. Dao ‘02
Ellen P. ‘85 and Florentino J. Dato-On ‘84
Ellen A. Eramya ‘09
Julie A. and Christopher G. Eyre ‘80
Ryan J. Ford ‘03
Daniel P. Fredinburg ‘04
Karin M. ‘69 and Jeffrey R. Freeman ‘73
Zhung-Yee Fung ‘87
David R. German ‘99
Ilya Y. Gubernik ‘04
Della S. Halim ‘06
Edric M. Hankamolkit ‘04
Susan E. ‘82 and Mathew T. Heffron
David C. Henn ‘90
Howard N. Henry ‘84
Nam H. Hoang ‘97
Douglas K. Humphrey ‘81
Daniel A. Kaplan ‘05
Leanne N. ‘86 and Gregory Kirk
Kathleen M. ‘85 and Erik Klitzner
Carrie R. and Richard S. Levine ‘81
Elizabeth L. Lewis ‘88
Christopher M. Lim ‘03
Gabriela Marcu ‘08
Veronica and David R. Moore ‘94
Steven W. Morris ‘89
Charles G. Murray ‘86
Cheryl A. and Donald J. Nagy
Andres Nava ‘00
Duc D. Nguyen ‘04
Katy K. Nguyen ‘07
Khoi H. Nguyen ‘00
Thanh T. Nguyen ‘93
Colleen A. and Michael A. Noack ‘88
John G. Okoro ‘96
John Y. Pan ‘87
Kole W. Peck ‘04
Alexandra and Nicholas Piacenza
David M. Quinn ‘80
DeAnna D. ‘78 and Brian Regalbuto
Stephen F. Regan ‘05
Colette N. and Arthur A. Reyes ‘99
Mark D. Schoenberger ‘89
Kuo-Wei Shen ‘02
Shaun T. Shue ‘03
David E. Smyth ‘84
Paul D. Stafford ‘93
Brandon B. Stuut ‘05
Zhida Sun ‘05
Mary J. and Mark J. Tadman ‘77
Rudy Tjahjono ‘05
Erik H. Trainer ‘05
Bao D. Tran ‘79
Joseph E. Tseng ‘99
Lu-Sin Tzeng ‘05
Stephen A. Uy ‘04
Monica and James M. Van Vorst ‘90
Julia W. ‘87 and James H. Wang ‘89
Jenny Z. Wen ‘04
Melanie A. ‘87 and John M. Wright ‘90
Weibin Xu ‘05
Scot S. Yamauchi ‘94
Hamilton C. Yutan ‘02

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