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Bren School Events »

The Bren School is proud to feature colloquiums, seminars and speaker series' sponsored by our departments and research centers. The following is a selected list of events that the Bren School offered to our faculty and students during the 2006-07 academic year.


» New Graduate Student Welcome
» Informatics Seminar: Alessandro Garcia
» Informatics Seminar: Gloria Mark
» Avanade Information Session
» Informatics Seminar: Ricardo Morla
» Spatio-Temporal Satellite Data Processing
» Edwards Lifesciences Information Session
» Microsoft Information Session
» Accenture Information Session
» CS Seminar: Privacy in Outsourced Databases
» Where can an Insider Attack? Christian W. Probst
» Smith Distinguished Speaker: Stephen Barley, Gurus Hired Guns
» DIRECTV Information Session
» Informatics Seminar: Paulo Maurin
» Informatics Seminar: Susan Sim
» CS Seminar: Learning Time-Intensity Profiles of Human Activity
» Apple Information Session
» AIML seminar - Chih-Jen Lin
» IGB Distinguished Speaker: Gunnar von Heijne
» The ‘New’ Science of Networks - A Front-Line Repot
» Informatics Seminar: Matthew Bietz
» Myrmic: Secure and Robust DHT Routing
» IGB Distinguished Speaker Series: Jack W. Szostak
» Informatics Seminar: Mark Poster
» Approaches to Small Area Estimation for Unemployment Data Series
» Project:ICS Showcase
» Smith Distinguished Speaker: Leonida Guibas, Local-to-Global Methods in Shape Modeling and Physical Simulation
» Computer Game Development Open House
» Informatics Seminar: John Hosking


» ACM Panel Discussion: The Need for Internships
» hITEC OCTANe incubator/networking session
» Informatics Seminar: Thomas Herrmann
» Application Mapping for FPGAs with Partial Dynamic Reconfiguration
» ACM Career Expo
» Informatics Seminar: Ken Anderson
» hITEC OCTANe Competition Kickoff
» Informatics Seminar: Thomas Alspaugh
» CS Seminar: Research, Discovery and Prediction: The Many Uses of Topic
» Statistics Seminar: Investigating Psychic Phenomena with Statistics
» Statistics Seminar: Suboptimality of Bayesian Inference When the Model Is Wrong
» Statistics Seminar: Dynamic Matrix-Variate Graphical Models
» Informatics Seminar: Calit2
» ISR Distinguished Speaker: John Canny
» CS Seminar: Efficient Architectural Design Space Exploration via Predictive Modeling
» Bayesian Hidden Markov Modeling of Array-CGH Data
» Sun Microsystems Netbeans Tech Talk
» Google Tech Talk: Test Engineering at Google
» Informatics Seminar: Eric Klopfer
» Vista and .NET Technology Showcase by Avanade
» ISR Distinguished Speaker: Brenda Laurel
» CS Seminar: Is the Solar System Really Chaotic?
» Colloquium: Structural Genomics: Target Selection and Assessment, Jinfeng Lui
» Impact of Web 2.0 on IT
» Colloquium: Statistical Failure Diagnosis in Software and Systems, Alice Zheng
» Colloquium: Tapan Parikh, University of Washington
» Faculty Candidate Charless Fowlkes Colloquium: Computer vision for natural scenes and biological images
» Friday Informatics Seminar: Werner Beuschel
» Southern California Computer Science Conference
» Faculty Candidate Yun Song Colloquium: Computational and Mathematical Aspects of Meiotic Recombination
» Sun Microsystems Netbeans Mobility Pack Tech Talk
» Faculty Candidate Donald Metzler Colloquium: Beyond Bags of Words: Effectively Modeling Dependence and Features in Information Retrieval
» Colloquium: Gregory D. Abowd, Georgia Tech
» Faculty Candidate Nilesh Dalvi Colloquium: Managing Uncertainty Using Probabilistic Databases
» Informatics Seminar: Andre van der Hoek
» CS Seminar: EventWeb
» Algorithms for Protein Structure Prediction
» Colloquium: Karrie Karahalios, University of Illinois
» A Short Course for Building Virtual Worlds
» Faculty Candidate Alex Ihler Colloquium: Graphical Models for Estimation in Sensor Networks
» Faculty Candidate Trevor Darrell Colloquium: Visual Recognition and Tracking for Perceptive Interfaces
» Colloquium: Gillian Hayes, Georgia Tech
» Faculty Candidate Julia Hockenmaier Colloquium: Protein folding and parsing
» Informatics Seminar: Paul Dourish
» Faculty Candidate Deva Ramanan Colloquium: Training a computer to see people
» Project:ICS Showcase
» Faculty Candidate Junfeng Yang Colloquium: EXPLODE: a Lightweight, General System for Finding Serious Storage System Errors
» 2007 RESCUE Distinguished Lecture Series: Scaling Computer Games to Epic Proportions
» Colloquium: Process Migration in Heterogeneous Distributed Environments


» Faculty Candidate Xiaohui Xie Colloquium: Deciphering Information Encoded in the Dark Matter of the Human Genome
» A Short Course on Text Mining
» Colloquium: Daniel Avrahami, Carnegie Mellon University
» Faculty Candidate Wei Li Colloquium: ChIP-chip on Genome Tiling Arrays: Towards an Understanding of the Global Transcriptional Regulation
» Informatics Seminar: Bill Tomlinson
» ISR Distinguished Speaker: Colin Ware
» Informatics Seminar: Amaya Becvar
» ISR Distinguished Speaker: Hiroshi Ishii
» Informatics Seminar: Drs. Willie Krenz and Joe Bannister
» Smith Distinguished Lecture: Michael Kearns
» Avanade’s Technology Showcase
» Molecular Communication: A New Paradigm for Communication Among Biological Nanomachines
» Friday Informatics Seminar: Gloria Mark
» Sun University World Tour
» Department of Informatics Guest Speaker Christine L. Borgman
» ISR Distinguished Speaker: Jeff Magee
» Smith Distinguished Lecture: Judy Olson
» Smith Distinguished Lecture: Gary Olson
» ISR Research Forum & Grad Student Research Symposium
» Informatics Seminar: Gilad Ravid
» Smith Distinguished Lecture: Wojtek SZpankowski