ICS Dean’s Awards

2017 Dean's Award Recipients

The Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences Dean’s Awards are given annually to accomplished ICS faculty for their innovative research, exemplar service, student mentorship and exceptional teaching skills. Recipients are peer- and self-nominated, garnering a certificate and a $500 discretionary award for their achievement.

Dean's Award for Research:
Alfred Kobsa (2018)
Michael Carey (2017)
Sharad Mehrotra (2016)
Michael Franz (2015) 
Michael Goodrich (2014) 
Nikil Dutt (2013) 
Richard Taylor (2012) 
David Eppstein (2011)

Dean's Mid-Career Award for Research:
Yunan Chen (2018)
Hernando Ombao (2017)
Dan Gillen (2016)
Gloria Mark (2015) 
Gillian Hayes (2014)
Deva Ramanan (2013) 
Paul Dourish (2012) 
Aditi Majumder (2011)

Dean's Award for Service:
Zhaoxia Yu (2018)
Gillian Hayes (2017)
David Redmiles (2016)
Nalini Venkatasubramanian (2015) 
Debra Richardson (2014) 
Dan Gillen (2013) 
Michael Carey (2012) 
Dan Hirschberg and Magda El Zarki (2011)

Dean's Award for Graduate Student Mentoring:
Sharad Mehrotra (2018)
Melissa Mazmanian (2017)
Michael Franz (2016)
Paul Dourish (2015) 
Gene Tsudik (2014)
Ramesh Jain (2013)
Chen Li (2012) 
Padhraic Smyth (2011)

Dean's Award for Undergraduate Teaching:
Sameer Singh (2018)
Jim Jones (2017)
Sandy Irani (2016)
Alex Nicolau (2015) 
Nalini Venkatasubramanian (2014) 
Gillian Hayes (2013) 
David Kay (2012) 
Ian Harris and Judy Olson (2011)

Nominations consist of a one-page summary of relevant accomplishments and a CV that are submitted to Beth Mersky during the fourth quarter of each year.