Alumni mentoring program

photo:: mentor and mentees interactingThe alumni mentoring program was created to foster the interaction between students and alumni of the Bren School.

By definition, a mentor is an advisor who may provide academic or career guidance, networking opportunities, and insights into the working world.

Students network with alumni to explore career interests and engage in mutually beneficial, professionally oriented relationships.

Similar career goals, shared interests or common academic backgrounds provide the foundation for the mentor/student relationship.


While the advantages of a mentor program to our undergraduate students may be more obvious, alumni also benefit from the program by:

» Enriching their lives by making a difference in someone else's
» Reconnecting with the Bren School on a personal level
» Gaining new skills as they advise and counsel students

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Additional information about the program can be found in the Mentor Handbook. There are also a series of mentoring tips to help you establish a successful and rewarding mentoring relationship.