hITEC Awards

The Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences would like to express our its heartfelt appreciation to Ted Smith and Ramesh Jain for their extraordinary leadership of the 2009 hITEC OCTANe Student Competition.

In addition to thanking each of the student teams for their commitment and hard work, the Bren School of ICS would like to thank each of its valuable volunteers: presenters, judges and mentors for their time, commitment and support.


First Place Prize, sponsored by the Bren School of ICS
Team 2: Clarity Labs
Manjo (MJ) Bhuller, Niraj Desai, Ron Villalon
Mentors: Prof. Chen Li, Arie Shen

"Clarity Labs" leverages TV audiences' consumer behavior through tag placement application that allows viewers to click on their favorite products in any given TV show for convenient online shopping.


Second Place Prize, co-sponsored by Ted and Janice Smith and Nexvisionix
Team 3: Olepta
Nathan Esquenazi, Thomas Shaefer
Mentors: TJ Thinakaran, Prof. André van der Hoek

"Olepta" revolutionizes relationship management for medical practitioners by modernizing the start-to-finish practice workflow. "Olepta" provides an end-to-end workflow management system that opens asynchronous channels of communication with patients. The system opens new channels between the medical provider, the patient, insurance provider, family members and all other parties involved in a patient's medical history.


Third Place Prize, sponsored by Northwind Ventures
Team 7: Event Viz
Mingyan Gao, Hamed Pirsiavash, Pinaki Sinha
Mentor: Prof. Ramesh Jain

"Event Viz" is a software application that takes isolated events and related information such as documents, photos, audio, and video, and creates an organized multimedia chronicle to visualize, access, search and create customized stories.



Team 4: Travelmate
Julia Buchanan, Raman Grover, Sandy Lou, Rahim Sonawalla, Alan Tang
Mentor: Patrick Lo

"Travelmate" is a personalized Web site that helps users plan trips and suggests other leisure activities based on the users' personal preferences. It provides one-stop shopping for all travel needs, and is customizable.

Team 5: Foodistic
Tommy Chheng, Nitin Shantharam
Mentors: Erich Buerger, Binh Dang

"Foodistic" is a Web and mobile application that helps users track their eating habits, providing the user with recommendations and alerts for healthier eating.

Team 8: Teletera
Sammy Aboutalib, Ala Khalifeh, Shankara Raghuraman
Mentors: Sherman Chen, Dan Teodorescu

"Teletera" is an simple, easy-to-use video conferencing service for small to medium-sized businesses.