May 7, 2013
4 to 7 p.m.
Beckman Center
Tuesday, May 7, 2013
4 to 7 p.m.
Beckman Center
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Top Student Projects from the Bren School of ICS
Autonomic Cloud Workflows
The Autonomic Cloud Workflows is based on research by Dr. Craig A. Lee (et al.) to provide a more efficient way of automatically handling Service Level Agreements (SLA) to better ensure that they are honored. The Cloud 5 team has developed a system that emulates work unit traffic as it is processed via remote system in the cloud. The system allows user input that emulates many different working environments and provides statistical data that will further Dr. Lee's and his colleagues' research.

Students: Laurent Jacquot, Ashish Patel, Justin Krakes, Joseph Lin and Bryan Robertson
Sponsor: Dr. Craig A. Lee, The Aerospace Corporation

Google Analytics Ez Dashboard
Every day, people use Google Analytics to get critical data about their websites. However, most people are not able to access the more advanced features of Google Analytics. The EZ Dashboard is an easy and intuitive way to create custom charts — and view it on your own website whenever and wherever.

Students: Osama Ahmad, Juliano Yi, Derek Vo, Robert Plascencia and Laurent Jacquot
Sponsor: Google, Inc.

Life Buoy
Life Buoy is an innovative iOS and Android-compatible application that wirelessly connects patients to physicians. Its purpose is threefold: to aid in disaster relief, to reach patients in rural and underserved regions, and to help train the next generation's tech-savvy physicians. By leveraging a user-friendly interface on popular smartphone and tablet platforms, Life Buoy is able to provide instantaneous video consultations with physicians over any geographical distance, up-to-date GPS locations of relief centers and emergency rooms, and instantaneous e-prescription of vital medicines to nearby pharmacies. Further, its clinical training mode provides a unique educational tool to help prepare the future generation of physicians for the promising future of telemedicine.

Students: Matthew Chan, Lita Patel, Bryan Lam, Peggy Bui, Joe Hanson and Drake Tetreault

Team Micromouse has designed and prototyped a robot called Micromouse that will find its way to the center of any maze. The robot uses sensors to detect the maze walls, memory to create a virtual map, and an algorithm to determine the shortest path to the center. We will be competing at the California Micromouse competition as the first-ever team from UC Irvine!

Students: Irvin Huang, Alvin Perlas and Timothy Chan

Top Student Projects from The Samueli School of Engineering
Automated Microfluidic Immunoassay Platform for Developing Nations
This project proposes to develop a portable, low-cost device suitable for use in developing countries to target the diagnosis of HIV.

Students: Natasha Felsinger, Nigel Fernandez, Patrick Kahn, Huylong Ngo, Vladimir Satchouk
Mentors: Professor William Tang and Professor Oladele Ogunseitan

Developing a Portable, Low-Cost Malaria Diagnostic Platform
This project suggests using saliva instead of blood to diagnose malaria.

Students: Chase Davis, Priyanka Jain, Ryan Kwong, Katherine Lee, Eric Nguyen, and Reaz Rahman
Mentors: Professor William Tang and Professor Oladele Ogunseitan

This project is an automated video-recording system that follows a subject as he or she moves around the room, eliminating the need for a cameraman.

Students: Jainam Shah, Tom Huang, Raisa Cuevas, and Nicholas Ma
Mentor: Professor G.P. Li

Smartphone Analyzer of Microfluidic Agglutination
This project is an optical detection component that can be integrated with a hand-held analyzer to provide straightforward readouts from disposable assay devices.

Students: Emma Gallarza, Jennifer Lee, Max Mao and Albert Truong
Mentor: Graduate Student Arlene Doria

UCI Race Car Engineering
This project uses the design, construction and testing of an energy-efficient race car to provide experience in performance engineering. Students modified an existing race car to develop a new design for competition in the 2013 UCI Energy Invitational.

Students: Christopher Anderson, Luis Avalos, Dean Baggs, Jeffrey Best, Indra Bolla, Adam Capero, Henry Diep, Amy Dunford, Christina Faraci, Joshua Helstrom, Alex Ho, Alexander Kaufman, Justin Kaung, Chano Kim, Sharango Kundu, Eddie Kwan, Jason Lee, Alejandro Li, Damon Liang, Peter Livingston, Ryan Ma, Diona Maxon, Marvin Medina, Saedeh Mirghasemi, Andrew Moodi, McVincent Obando, Arezoo Orouji, Dhairya Parikh, Jesus Ramos, Mustafa Sabha, Mark Saleh, Jon Shubin, Anthony Tamayo, Aldrich To, Thomas Van, Benjamin Vega, Jay Wu, Rena Yang, Abdorruhman Yousef, Ting Yu, and Yaotian Zhang.
Mentor: Professor Michael McCarthy