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Curiosity about the world and a commitment to solving problems are the passions that drive faculty at the Bren School. Their research in the information and computer sciences are applicable to many scholarly and scientific fields.

But, our faculty don't do it alone. Students work side-by-side with nationally renowned professors to advance knowledge - and improve lives.

Below are just some of the many Bren School research projects that have a global impact on everyday lives.

To learn more about other projects please watch these informational videos on several Bren School research areas.

Research Videos »

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Lean Software Development

photo:: software developmentWhether your development team members are down the hall or in the land down under, Bren School researchers are working on ways to ensure bottlenecks are avoided and your project finishes on time and on budget. view video »
Seamless Multi-screen Displays

photo:: collageProfessor Aditi Majumder has created a way to display large images on multiple displays without seams, allowing users to view large picture files without scrolling.view video »
Keeping Score

photo:: baseball player Excerpted from a PBS special and narrated by Danny Glover, Statistics Chair Hal Stern talks about statistical analysis in baseball. Sports are full of small 's' statistics, which are the field of statistics that track a player's performance. view video »
Testing Large-Scale Galaxy Simulations

photo:: galaxy Professor Wayne Hayes collaborates across disciplines to test the reliability of large-scale physical simulations such as galaxy and cosmological n-body simulations as performed by astronomers. view video »
Technology and Everyday Life

photo:: phone at beach The design, use, and impact of technologies are determined not solely by technical factors but also by how those technologies are shaped by social pressures and demands.. view video »
Embedded Systems

photo:: embedded systems Professor Ian Harris' research group explores cost-critical and life-critical applications, including automotive design and sensor-based medical devices. view video »
Cyber-Security and Privacy

photo:: computer login screenThe Center for Cyber-Security and Privacy focuses on the importance of security and privacy in our increasingly computerized life. view video »
Building the Genes of Tomorrow

photo:: dna Professors Rick Lathrop and G. Wesley Hatfield, have developed a method for utilizing computation and biology to create synthetic genes which have helped in the development of better and safer drugs. view video »
Creating Environmental Awareness

photo:: earth Professor Bill Tomlinson and the students in his Social Code research group are utilizing technology to help educate people about their impact on the environment. view video »
Improving Emergency Response

photo:: structure fire UC Irvine and UC San Diego researchers are collaborating with a host of subcontractors and partners, to design reliable tools that will improve first responders abilities to save lives during an emergency or disaster. view video »
Ubiquitous Computing

photo:: ubiquitous computing Researchers at the Laboratory for Ubiquitous Computing and Interaction (LUCI) are interested in the challenges of designing, using and understanding the elements of a ubiquitous computing world. view video »
Experiential Environments

photo:: experiential enviroments In an experiential computing environment, users apply their senses directly, observing event-related data and information of interest. Users explore the data by following their own personal interests within the context of an event.