Project:ICS samples
Project:ICS students have proven their ability to think outside the box and have shown stellar work ethic in their projects. Below is a sampling of projects students have done.

HP, TMR Processing
Students are building a simulation of a new fault tolerant computer system using a mechanism that can tolerate much greater variation than current systems while being able to survive any single failure. In this simulation, students have incorporated new operating system elements, new interrupt structures, new scheduling methods and new self-checking elements.

AOL, Program Wizard
Students created a program “wizard” that guides the user through the steps of installing and troubleshooting hardware devices.

HP, ServerNet

Students identified a mechanism to improve performance of an existing HP network while retaining a minimum level of service to all 16 processors in the network.

SmartHome, SmartPark
Students developed Web monitoring technology utilizing smart devices to make the Irvine “Great Park” more manageable, safe and useful to residents and staff. The project took in consideration the park’s actual plans, as well as proposed devices covering everything from light controls, audio electronics, motion detectors and wireless video cameras to moisture control devices.

RiverOne, RegressTest and TestGen

Students created .NET testing record-and-playback and .NET test data generation tools.