News articles

December 25, 2007
'Citizen scientists' offered role in Newport Bay watershed
Orange County Register
Quoted: Cristina Lopes

December 18, 2007
Videoconference saves 122.7 tons of CO2 emissions
The Orange County Register
Quoted: Donald Patterson

December 17, 2007
Second Life as a simulation tool
The Orange County Register
Quoted: Crista Lopes

December 10, 2007
UCI researchers circled globe in name of science
The Orange County Register
Quoted: Bonnie Nardi and Donald Patterson

December 10, 2007
Tablet PCs focus on workforce
The Orange County Register
Quoted: Andre van der Hoek

November 29, 2007
O.C.’s ‘World of Warcraft’ unites China
Orange County Register
Quoted: Bonnie Nardi

November 28, 2007
Up to no good at work? Software can analyze your e-mails
New Scientist
Quoted: N/A

October 30, 2007
To the rescue
Quoted: Jay Lickfett

September 24, 2007
Playstation3 helps robots see
Quoted: Jayram Moorkanikara

September 11, 2007
Tomorrow’s cyber-attacks could well be inside jobs
The Financial Times of London
Quoted: Michael Franz

July 9, 2007
Calit2 Looks into the Games People Play
Quoted: Bill Tomlinson, Bonnie Nardi

June 21, 2007
UCI building dedicated to Bren
Daily Pilot
Quoted: Debra J. Richardson

June 20, 2007
Bren Dedicates UCI Computer School Building
Orange County Business Journal
Quoted: Donald Bren

June 6, 2007
Fun with a focus on interaction
Daily Pilot
Quoted: Simon Penny

April 27, 2007
Informatics professor interviewed on Second Life Nightly News
Second Life Nightly News
Quoted: Crista Lopes

March 27, 2007
Best and Final Offer Lands Contract
Security + Life Safety Systems
Quoted: N/A

February 18, 2007
The End of the Book?
The Orange County Register
Quoted: Ramesh Jain

January 15, 2007
Microsoft’s A.U.R.A. project - information at your fingertips
Quoted: Bill Tomlinson