December 18, 2007

The Orange County Register

Videoconference saves 122.7 tons of CO2 emissions

By Gary Robbins

Organizing an international conference takes a lot of work. But it doesn’t have to burn a lot of fuel – provided that organizers are willing to meet by video-teleconference.

That’s the route that UCI informatics professor Donald Patterson and 36 others took last weekend while they were ironing out the details of Pervasive 2008, a conference to be held next May in Sydney, Australia.

The participants – who were located in Irvine, Sydney, Dublin, Ireland, Stuttgart, Germany and Tokyo – met by video for eight hour instead of having everyone fly to a central location.

Namely, Sydney. Patterson used calculator to estimate how much C02 they would have burned if everyone had gone to Australia. The results:

15 people from UCI to Sydney = 41.784 tons

1 person from Dublin to Sydney = 3.965 tons

1 person from Toyko to Sydney = 1.804 tons

20 people from Suttgart to Sydney = 75.17 tons

Total = 122.723 tons of CO2 emissions.
Videoconference saves 122.7 tons of CO2 emissions