Butterworth Product Development Competition 2013

Bluetooth Assisted Tracking wins 10th annual contest

How can museums maximize the visitor experience through travel pattern analysis? What can help eliminate the where-to-eat dilemma? How can patients easily connect with their physicians during times of natural disaster? Winners of the latest Butterworth Product Development Competition aim to address these challenges, while fellow finalists focused on tackling such topics as online language learning and the college application process.

Designed to promote the creation of commercially viable technology and products while fostering entrepreneurship among students, the Butterworth Competition is named for Bren School alumnus Paul Butterworth (B.S. ’74, M.S. ’81), chief technical officer of AccessG2 Inc.

This year’s grand prize winning team took home $5,000 for Bluetooth Assisted Tracking, or BAT, which monitors the travel patterns of people in a given space. Second place and $3,500 went to the creators of TasteBuds, a mobile application that provides personalized restaurant recommendations. Developers of Life Buoy, winner of the 2012 Med AppJam, came in third and received $1,500 for their iOS and web application that wirelessly connects patients to physicians.


1st Place — $5,000

BAT Bluetooth Assisted Tracking (BAT) monitors the travel patterns — including origin, destination, travel time, dwell times and travel paths for a given period of time — of people indoors and outdoors. In museums and art galleries, knowledge of visitor travel patterns is crucial in assessing the impact of temporary and permanent exhibits, and in determining staff management and allocation of resources. BAT provides an integrated experience across museums while leveraging the indoor tracking capabilities that Bluetooth technology offers. This solution comes at a considerably lower cost than current available technologies such as Wi-Fi triangulation.

Team BAT: Jaime Enrique Duarte, Joan Aguilar Mayans, Robert Regue Grino, Ana Papio Toda, Estel Carbó Vinaixa, Yue Yu

Mentors: Arie Shen (BS ’88, Bren School of ICS), Vice President, Business Development, Independent Consultant, and Jim Doane, Vice President, Marketing, Independent Consultant

2nd Place — $3,500

TasteBuds TasteBuds is a free mobile application that eliminates the “where to eat” dilemma by providing personalized restaurant recommendations based on the time of day and the user’s mood or activity. It focuses on providing a dynamic user experience with engaging gaming elements that allow users to discover foods and restaurants based on their personal preferences. It also offers food suggestions for various activities, including a post-workout brunch, date night dinner, or a late-night snack. The first iteration of this application was focused on creating an engaging food recommendation application specifically targeted toward UC Irvine students.

Team TasteBuds: Nithin Jilla, Michael Thomas, Candace Wu, Derek Wong, Norman Tran, Bryan Cuevas

Mentor: Mayur Deshpande (PhD ’07, Bren School of ICS), Software Engineer, Google

3rd Place — $1,500

Life Buoy Life Buoy is an iOS and web application that wirelessly connects patients to physicians. It provides a fast and reliable means for patients to connect with their physicians and health care team; lowers the costs of health care administration by lowering utilization of expensive and unnecessary health services; and improves patient health and well-being by preventing acute health-related events before they start. Life Buoy enables video consultations with physicians over any geographical distance; real-time updates to secure patient-centered personal health records; and instantaneous e-prescription of medicines to nearby pharmacies. In times of natural or man-made disaster, Life Buoy is capable of doubling as an emergency relief aid, providing up-to-date GPS locations of relief centers and emergency rooms. Patients use the iPhone or Web app to store their own data and to connect with physicians, and physicians use the iPad version to handle messages and patient data.

Team Life Buoy: Matthew Chan, Jacob Heller, Bryan Lam, Lita Patel, Peggy Bui, Joe Hanson

Mentor: David Cheng (BS ’90, Bren School of ICS), IBM



Dorbl Dorbl is an online marketplace focusing on locality. It lists products that may be impractical to ship via standard package delivery services because of fragility (art piece), special transport requirements (ice sculpture) or time sensitivity (flower bouquet). It takes the direct sales aspects of Etsy and the regional search of Yelp to create something entirely new and useful. By using Dorbl, the buyer can easily find products made and delivered by a local business.

Team Dorbl: Alex Van Buskirk, Nick Bennett

Mentor: Art Hitomi (PhD ’96, Bren School of ICS), CTO & Founder, Numecent


Licademia Licademia provides a user-friendly platform for students, professors and universities all over the world to make the college application process more efficient. It eliminates the need for exhausting admissions paperwork by organizing and classifying applicants’ documents. Licademia also provides an opportunity for professors to choose the best students that fit their research groups.

Team Licademia: Pooria Mohammadiyaghni, Ashkan Eghbal, Hossein Taji

Mentor: Ash Kumra, Co-Founder, DreamitAlive.com


Linguin Linguin helps learners to study foreign languages while watching popular online content using smartphone, tablet and PC devices.

Team Megaline: Xinlu Tong, Le (Debbie) Yu, Sreevatsa K. Sreeraman, Jinelle Savia D'souza, Zhiyong Zhang, Huaying (Alan) Gu

Mentor: Tom Taulli


MobileCast MobileCast provides a platform for advertising information that is non-intrusive, location-based and highly customized. Users can receive location-based information in the physical vicinity of the content provider; store the information for future use; and respond back to the content provider.

Team MobileCast: Vishal Patel, Santanu Sharma, Venu Madhav Gundeti

Mentor: Channa Samynathan (BS ’88, Bren School of ICS), Solutions Architect, Independent


My Salon MySalon is an interactive web platform that enables stylist-client communication and provides users with access to professional stylist galleries, powerful search tools and intelligently matched hairstyle suggestions.

Team My Salon: Vishal Patel, Nicholas Ceglia, Maryna Taranova

Mentors: Amir Banifatemi, Entrepreneur, Product Strategist and Investor, and Ray Chan, Founder, K5 Venture Partners


Dentiverse Dentiverse serves as both a medical practice manager and an insurance inclusive billing system. Unlike similar products that call for annual licensing fees, Dentiverse clients are charged based on data usage.

Team Naya Yug: Vijay Hattiangadi, Irvin Huang

Mentor: Ramesh Jain, Bren Chair & Professor, Computer Science, UCI


2013 Judges

Tony Crisp (BS ’92, School of Biological Sciences): CEO & Brand Strategist, Crisp Brand Agency

Kevin Kinsey: CEO & Co-Founder, Netreo, and Member, Bren School of ICS Dean’s Leadership Council

Roger Lloyd: President, PlayNTrade USA, EVP Global Marketing & Product Development

David Ochi (BS ’97, Schools of Biological Sciences and Social Sciences, MBA ’99, Merage School of Business): Co-Founder, Alpha Sprouts

Neil Sahota (BS ’97, Schools of Biological Sciences and Physical Sciences, BS ’00, Bren School of ICS, MBA ’03, Merage School of Business): Thought Leader Consultant, IBM - Global Business Services