Butterworth and Beall competitions reward the best in both hardware and software

More about the 2014 Finalists (alphabetically by team name)

Tim Kelly, Thomas Gheorghe, Dalen Ellis. Mentor: Channa Samynathan (B.S. ’88, ICS), solutions engineer, Syniverse Technologies. Competitions Entered: Beall & Butterworth.
The Air Drum Kit consists of two glove-like hand attachments, one foot mounting and a smartphone. Users then have a virtual drum, which they cannot see, but can play by simply drumming in the air where drum components and their respective positions typically are.
Hana Yamate-Morgan, Nazneen Pashutanizadeh, Joycelin Luc, Sharon Kuruvilla, Aleksandar Metulev, Xiaoxuan Zhang. Mentor: David Hsiang, associate professor of clinical surgery, School of Medicine. Competition Entered: Beall.
BioGuideUCI has developed a sutured-guidewire, the S-Wire, enabling soft-tissue excisional biopsy procedures to be conducted with greater safety, stability, accuracy and objectivity, so that cancer may be diagnosed and treated in its earliest stages.
Bru Dating
Govind Rai, Gio Borje. Mentor: Greg Moulton (B.S. ’82, ICS), consultant. Competition entered: Butterworth.
Bru is a mobile dating app that sets you up on an immediate date with someone you’re interested in, without messaging or exchanging any information. Tapping into Facebook, Linkedin, and Google+ API’s to pull user data to create dating profiles, Bru seeks to quickly and safely facilitate in-person dates for our users and to make first dates less awkward and stressful.
Digital Afterlife
Grace Pai, Nafiri Kusumakaulika, Anita Marie Gilbert. Mentor: Art Hitomi (B.S. ’96, M.S. ’04, Ph.D. ’10, ICS), chief technology officer and co-founder, Numecent. Competition Entered: Butterworth.
“Afterword” is an online curator tool that allows users to create a customize memorial for their deceased friend or family member using relevant data gathered from various social media feeds that the deceased was affiliated to, such as Facebook and Instagram.
Evan Schein, Michael Tran. Mentor: Andrew Ninh. Competitions Entered: Beall & Butterworth.
“DocBot” is a web-based clinical decision support system (CDSS) that uses patient interaction and electronic health records (EHR) analytics to assist medical practitioners to make the best decisions. It consists of a preclinical, digital form that allows the patient to enter demographic information and symptoms, and a digital interface to provided medical practitioners with as much organized information as required.
Fruit Mill
Nathaniel Major, Sivabalan Thirunavukkarasu, Rohan Achar. Mentor: Scott Lein, CEO and co-founder, grandPad. Competition Entered: Butterworth.
“Grapes” is a powerful, versatile Android app that can appeal to a wide range of social applications. Focusing on simplicity via short videos and geo-tagging, “Grapes” allows any user to create short, minute long (or less) videos and then tag these videos to their current locations. Other users can then watch, rate, and favorite these videos, using them to learn more about specific locations, provide casual social interaction, and more.
Scott Godfrey, David Carrillo, Kemal Davaslioglu. Mentor: Vikash Rugoobur, co- founder and CTO, Curve Tomorrow. Competitions Entered: Beall & Butterworth.
HindSight product is a bicycle-mounted proximity-detection and data-gathering device intended to provide advance warning to a bicycle rider of approaching vehicles and vehicles encroaching on their personal space.
Fady Barsoum, Anderson Nguyen, Irvin Huang, Charles Lam, Hong San, Wong. Mentor: Channa Samynathan. Competitions Entered: Beall & Butterworth.
Mattina gives coffee lovers the freedom to make coffee whenever and wherever they want with Keurig’s K-Cup coffee pods. (Keurig’s K-Cup coffee pods integrates ground coffee, creamer and coffee filter into one compact and convenient capsule.) Mattina is aimed at providing the functionality of the existing full-sized Keurig coffee maker in a portable and compact form.
Candace Borders, Ron Sahyouni, Thomas Truong, Robhy Bustami. Mentor: Brian Dao (BS ’03, ICS), co-founder, Alpha Sprouts. Competition Entered: Butterworth.
“Nimbl” is a mobile application for the iPad involving game-like tasks designed to rehabilitate fine motor functions of the fingers, hands, wrists and arms after injury (likely stroke) or surgery. The tasks have been designed to mimic the kinds of motions that physical/occupational therapy patients are actually required to do as part of their treatment regimen, but in a game-like setting that tracks their progress and sends reports to the therapist/rehabilitation physician.
Laleh Jalali, Siripen Pongpaichet, Da Huo, Hyungik Oh. Mentor: Ramesh Jain, Bren Chair and professor of computer science, ICS. Competition Entered: Butterworth.
“UCIAsthma” is a smartphone application for managing asthma. Asthma patients and health care providers are the users of this product. The front page of “UCIAsthma” displays real-time air quality and air pollution forecast based on the current location of the user, allowing users to limit their outdoor activities accordingly.
Racket Buddy
Kenneth Gutierrez, Alecxandr Andres, Anthony Christensen. Mentor: David Reinkensmeyer, professor of anatomy and neurobiology, Engineering. Competition Entered: Beall
Swing Thing is an electronic device that is inserted inside the throat of a tennis racket that provides feedback through tennis gameplay through visual and audio feedback. The purpose of the device is to allow users to improve their tennis strokes without the presence of the coach. The device senses the motion of the racket and analyzes it in order to provide feedback to the user.
Maunika Gosike, Sonia Kaushal, Everardo Camacho, Ariel Beroukhim, Shalom Stevenson. Mentors: Michael Klopfer, Raj Khalsa. Competition Entered: Beall.
This cost-effective, magnetic-based tracking system that verifies that the body is clear of retained surgical sponge (RSS). This product would be used by the surgical staff in the operating room prior to closing the open cavity after surgery. It will be a simple and efficient final check of the body to make sure it is clear of RSS to reduce the number of X-rays necessary in the operating room, thus reducing the overall expenses for the hospital and patient.
Team Iron Fist
Nate Directo, Joseph Cuevas, Kenneth Gutierrez. Mentor: Binh Dang (B.S. ’97, ICS), co- founder & managing partner, MeridianLink. Competition Entered: Beall.
Wax On is a waxing iron that allows users to apply hot wax to their skis and snowboards in a clean, effective, and timely manner. Wax On functions on the premise of three basic principles: internally melt ski wax; contain molten ski wax; and deliver molten ski wax upon demand. These principles deliver the user a much more streamlined approach to waxing their snowboards or skis. Beyond the reduction of the user’s time and effort, Wax On also guarantees an effective waxing by providing the user with the option to adjust the temperature of the iron to the optimal operating temperature of their wax.
Turtle Writing
Suhang Jiang, Leonard Bejosano, Yuan Ning, Youngmin Park, Jiayi Shen, Debbie Le Yu, Melissa Niiya, Dakuo Wang. Mentors: Mark Warschauer, associate dean and professor of education, School of Education; and Alex Ihler, associate professor of computer science, ICS. Competition Entered: Butterworth.
Turtle Writing is an online platform that provides a community for English writing professionals and learners to connect with each other through a crowdsourcing approach in order to match the best professional writer for a specific learner’s needs to create the most efficient learning experience.
Amanda Nozaki, Isabella Samra, Kevin Lam. Competition Entered: Beall
Vertai is a new brand of footwear that will be capable of transforming between a sandal and a closed-toe shoe. The original concept came from the frustration of bringing a change of shoes whenever one had to switch between business attire to casual attire for working individuals, but the design team realized children might be a better market for this product.