UCI Quarter Planner

Student project aims to help Anteaters better visualize their quarter

photo:: Jonathan Farnworth


Fourth-year Computer Science major Jonathan Farnworth is one of more than 200 Bren School undergraduates participating in Commencement 2011, to be held June 10 at the Bren Events Center, and one of 24 students to receive special honors. He will return to UCI in the fall to pursue a master’s degree in Computer Science.

The course: “Project in AI,” taught by Professor Max Welling.

The project: Develop a tool that helps UCI students plan their four years of undergraduate courses.

The result: Fourth-year Computer Science major Jonathan Farnworth thought it might be more useful to create a system that students can use to visualize their class schedules for the upcoming quarter, so he created the UCI Quarter Planner.

“I knew I had to use UCI’s WEbSOC to get the course information, so I wrote a preliminary program that pulls up the site and scans the schedule data,” explains Farnworth, who says the Planner was inspired by the now-defunct Zot Scheduler.

The tool’s primary function is to present a user’s manually configured schedule on a calendar. As a bonus feature, it can also automatically compute optimal schedules based on user preferences, such as “late start” or “least days of class” per week.

Although Farnworth’s project has come a long way, there’s more work to do. He plans to enhance the Planner’s overall appearance, and he’s working on making the functions more clearly understood.

He’s also collecting user feedback.

“Right now, I’d like to just try and demo the planner to get the word out there and see what people think,” he says. “Recently, I made a Facebook page to get feedback from my friends and see what I can change.”

Click here to try out the UCI Quarter Planner.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a student project and not endorsed by UC Irvine. According to the developer, “The possibility of bugs is real (but hopefully very small).” Questions or concerns about the tool should be sent to UCI.QuarterPlanner@gmail.com.