2012 NSF Fellows

Two graduate students receive prestigious NSF fellowship

Bren School Ph.D. students Kevin Bache (Computer Science) and Nicholas DiGiuseppe (Software Engineering) have been awarded a 2012 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.

The highly prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program is designed to help ensure the vitality and diversity of the scientific and engineering workforce in the United States. It provides outstanding graduate students with three years of support, including a $30,000 annual stipend.

Bache and DiGiuseppe are among 17 UC Irvine students recognized this year as NSF Graduate Research Fellows. They join the ranks of numerous individuals who have made transformative breakthroughs in science and engineering research; many have become leaders in their chosen careers, and some have been honored as Nobel laureates.

View the profiles below to learn more about the Bren School’s 2012 NSF Fellows.

photo: Kevin Bache

Q&A with Kevin Bache
1st-year Ph.D. student in Computer Science

Where are you from?
I grew up in Poland, Ohio, and Santa Fe, N.M.

What are your previous academic degrees?
A.B. in Social and Cognitive Neuroscience from Harvard College.

Why did you choose to pursue graduate studies at UCI?
UCI has fantastic machine learning. The weather isn't too bad either.

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Q&A with Nicholas DiGiuseppe
2nd-year Ph.D. student in Software Engineering

Where are you from?
I was raised in Alta Loma, Calif.

What are your previous academic degrees?
I got my B.S. in Information and Computer Science from UCI.

Why did you choose to pursue graduate studies at UCI?
I chose UCI because of the high-quality software engineering department (as noted by the emphasis in faculty and research) and because of my advisor, Jim Jones. Other schools treat software engineering as a second-class citizen and subfield of computer engineering (if it’s treated at all). In contrast, UCI has a Ph.D. in software engineering! Concerning Jim Jones, I felt he was performing really valuable research, and I wanted the opportunity to work with him. Simply put, he does the exact type of research I want to do. Thus, out of a desire to be at a school that values software engineering, and to work with Jim Jones, I came to UCI.

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