Student Showcase
Student Innovations Featured in Annual Showcase

More than 60 undergraduates in 14 teams presented their projects at the annual Bren:ICS Student Showcase held March 17, 2011. The event highlighted a range of student innovations, from mobile apps, to search engines, interactive games and more.

"Students work on real-world projects addressing real needs of real users," says Informatics Lecturer Hadar Ziv. "The projects require hands-on application of all the skills and tools the students acquired and is the ultimate culmination of their four-year curriculum. Students also learn and apply a host of non-technical skills that will serve their entire professional careers — from project, time and team management to communication, collaboration, negotiation and conflict-resolution skills."

This year’s showcase participants are listed below. Click here to view photos of the event. For a short video summary, please visit the Bren:ICS YouTube page.


Team: Burble

Members: Fiel Gunt, Stacey Dao, Chris Combs, Sarah Lee, Viet Pham

Project: Burble is a social iPhone game promoting environmental sustainability. People spend hours playing games that plant fake trees — why not let them plant real trees? Burble allows users to plant real trees in various parts of the world. The tree planting is made possible through nonprofit organizations affiliated with the game. By caring for your personal pet, Burble will help plants grow and plant them in gardens that reflect those in the real world.

Team: Creampuff

Members: Sabel Braganza, Mark Capil, Jonathan Fuentes, Kyle Musler, Kyle Lutze

Project: Chowdr is a dual-sided mobile application. It serves as a marketing platform for food truck chefs and owners, as well as a mobile and web application for customers to find these food trucks. By tying the two sides together, Chowdr builds a solid relationship between a food truck and its fans.

Team: ExpediANT

Members: Gilberto Bardales, Norik Davtian, Georgio Moussan, Donald Stern

Project: ExpediANT is a limousine management system that focuses on routing and scheduling for vehicle rental companies. It is a free, web-based solution built with extendibility in mind.


Team: Prograam K

Members: Aaron Donk, Anthony Liu, Grace Uchida, Karen Quan, Melanie Cheung, Ryan Nissenbaum

Sponsor: Elif Hanna,

Project: An e-commerce website that allows users to not only browse through (and send) a selection of pre-made cards, but also upload their own picture and customize it to their liking. Designers can upload their own design and enter it in a weekly contest where users can vote on their favorite. The winner of the weekly contest will have his/her design available for the public to purchase on the website.


Team: Inyofam

Members: Chris Lee, Frank Morales, JD Wolk, Masis Nguyen, Ram Murthy, Zack Pelz

Sponsors: UC Irvine Medical Center, Bren:ICS

Project: I2b2 is a web tool funded by the NIH that accesses medical and clinical repositories by academic research centers and universities. I2b2 is a discovery tool used by clinical researchers to identify cohort patients for research participation. Our sponsor, the UCI Medical Center, needed a dictionary tool that integrated into the interface. I3PO altered and enhanced i2b2 based on user testing and feedback. The user interface was cleaned up to improve the workflow. The dictionaries map medical codes to healthcare terminology. Fuzzy logic provides meaningful definitions to codes and partial clinical diagnoses.


Team: Team 411

Members: Ryan Hsu, Ellen Eramya, Alex Bretana, Danny Kim, Josh Papa

Sponsors: Daniel Brienen, Ryan K. Olsen, UCI Medical Center

Project: The UCI Medical Center Department of Radiology medical records contain two different sets of codes: diagnostic and treatment. These are input by different people throughout the patient’s visits in the hospital. Codes are supposed to match up perfectly, but they don’t always — and insurance companies won’t reimburse the hospital unless they do. We’ve built a medical code verification application that checks for mismatched codes and helps correct them, potentially saving the UCI Medical Center $400,000 a year.


Team: Bionic Centaurs

Members: Marianne Conner, Edward Gim, Roger Le, Danielle Song, Duncan Tsai

Sponsors: Jon Teichrow, Gary Teichrow, Will Hartung, Mirth Corporation

Project: Mirth Archive is a medical record search engine. It stores and indexes medical records, as well as returning relevant medical records based on the queries entered by the user.


Team: Rebootin’

Members: Alex Chung, Andre Dai, Francesca Mantovani, Michael Merchant, Hunter Gillane

Sponsor: Jeff Lindsay, Open-Source Developer, Independent

Project: is an open platform for notifications. It provides a simple way for developers to send notifications to their users via Growl, Jabber, email, Twitter, Prowl and more.

Team: Ant Colony

Members: Azia Foster, Patrick Lu, Garrett Kim, Matthew Palmer, Hiroe Ono

Project: Project Seon is a way for members of a community to share and view the world around them. The project consists of a web application and a mobile application that work together to map out, describe and view places of interest.


Team: Fire Tornado

Members: Ryan Cadavona, Jesse Joseph, LucasKam, Leo Zen, Jesse Danielson

Sponsors: Robert Farmer, Rizza Barnes, Bren:ICS

Project: Created a system for managing the content displayed on the digital signs in Donald Bren Hall. Expanded as an open-source signage system called Xibo, focusing on improving the system’s usability.


Team: Automated Labyrinth

Members: Patrick Murtha, Christopher Escobedo, Michael Seviulla, Niraj Desai

Project: The labyrinth is a classic board game that is both exciting and challenging. Our system plans to solve the labyrinth accurately using visual feedback.

Team: Mouseless Mouse

Members: Melody Kwok, Candice Lai, Derek Lwin, Ellick Truong

Project: The Mouseless Mouse functions as a touch pad but does not use a touch pad. Instead, it uses an infrared emitter and a camera to detect finger movement.

Team: Pitch-er Perfect

Members: Alex Yee, Allison Moon, Bryan Koe, Vimala Narasimhan

Project: A real-time pitch detection system that calculates the accuracy of the user’s pitch against the pitch of a selected song.

Team: Super Spray

Members: Adrian Guzman, Jared Haren

Project: Super Spray is an interactive game where the player must spray water on as many targets as possible before the end of the round. The player will use a custom-built water gun controller, which uses various sensors to apply input to the game.


Informatics 191 A,B,C: Senior Design Project, Year-Long
Judy Olson, Donald Bren Professor, Informatics
Hadar Ziv, Lecturer, Informatics
TA: Ben Koehne, Bren:ICS

Informatics 117: Software Systems Design
Hadar Ziv, Lecturer, Informatics
TA: Ankita Raturi, Bren:ICS

Computer Science Engineering 181 A,B: Senior Design Project, Two-Quarter
Ian Harris, Associate Professor, Computer Science
TA: Hadil Mustafa, Bren:ICS

Informatics 231: Human Computer Interaction
Alfred Kobsa, Professor, Informatics