Student Blog: Ittai Mann
Making Videogames Is Just as Rewarding as Playing Them
Roxanna Shaik

Dec. 11, 2017 — Anyone who has ever met me knows that there is one facet of my life that will come up in any conversation — my passion for (or perhaps obsession with) video games. When I decided to attend UCI, it was only because I believed that its computer game science (CGS) major would guarantee me a spot in the games industry. I was already looking ahead to my career, but now I’m enjoying my time here at UCI. Its video game culture, both academically and on the entertainment side, is very diverse and interesting.

I’m currently one of the programming officers in the Video Game Development Club (VGDC), which means I pretty much live in the Game Lab in Donald Bren Hall (DBH). VGDC helps students with every facet of game development, letting them work in teams and guiding them in building a portfolio. More importantly, it’s a place where you can always find a good crew of people dedicated to games. The club has provided me with mentors and leadership opportunities, and, because it’s one of the few clubs with a dedicated room (the big lab with all the Blizzard merchandise on the ground floor of DBH), it helps me avoid the 405 during peak traffic times. I’m also currently working on an informatics project with Professor Aaron Trammell that will hopefully be open to the public very soon. If you like video games, be on the lookout for opportunities to interact with our creation in DBH in the near future.

Ittai Mann is a third-year computer game science major.

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