Student Blog: Ittai Mann
Don’t Stop Learning When Class Is Over
Roxanna Shaik

March 10, 2018 — The ICS program offers intensive classes on a wide range of topics, but I’m learning that the world of computer science and technology is much too wide to be fully discovered in classrooms alone. Through other activities, I keep stumbling on amazing new coding practices and tools.

For example, through my involvement with the Video Game Development Club (VGDC), I’ve met people with diverse skill sets. If it weren’t for this club, I might not know about Git or how to use it. The Introduction to Software Engineering course (IN4MATX 43) briefly covers version control software and GitHub, but I highly recommend learning and using Git, especially for upper-division group projects (Git offers free private repositories to students).

Other game development friends have taught me the basics of Linux. Although I can’t dual boot, my slight Linux knowledge, paired with Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), has made my life much easier. I no longer need to download obscure and obtuse programs to compile C++ code; instead, I just compile everything on my own computer, which is useful both for my computer science assignments and when coding in my free time.

The point is that I learned how to use these tools — which have been incredibly applicable to my class work — outside of class. So, I suggest you start talking to people who have different skills and learn from them, and if you find someone who knows how to use Vim, let me know!

Ittai Mann is a third-year computer game science major.

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