Student Blog: Nguyen Dang
A Passion for Computer Science and Design
Nguyen Dang

Nov. 21, 2017 — When I first enrolled at UCI, I did what many other first-year students do and signed up for a random major I knew nothing about. I didn't know what I wanted to do with my future, but I figured that as long as I was passionate about my studies, a logical career path would follow.

However, I didn't get into my first-choice major and was subsequently reassigned to the school of "undecided/undeclared." That turned out to be the best rejection of my school career, because it helped me find my passion. I began taking a variety of courses, including a beginner coding class. I found the class to be riveting; projects felt more like fun puzzles or games, and I was fascinated by the mechanics of integrating technology into problem solving. I quickly knew I belonged in the school of ICS.

As my interest grew in the field of computer science, I also started becoming passionate about design. I joined the Design at UCI team, an organization that strives to inspire creativity throughout the UCI community through digital design. This is where I discovered how art and technology connect in industry, further cementing my interest in the ICS major. Along with technical skills, this experience has given me leadership opportunities and has helped me connect with many others in the field of computer science, who have shown me how applicable their accumulated skills are in the professional world.

These experiences have crystalized my desire to pursue computer science and design, exposing the many opportunities available in the world of computer science. Who knew that my "undecided" designation would lead me to find my passion in the school of ICS.

Nguyen Dang is a second-year undergraduate trying to switch to Computer Science. Dang is currently on the executive board for Design at UCI.

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