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June 21, 2017

Bringing business to ICS

ICS Student Council’s newest president, Sui Feng Xu, plans to increase corporate outreach by bringing more companies to campus.

The newly elected president of the ICS Student Council (ICSSC) has always had a mind for business. Even as a senior in high school, Sui Feng Xu already had a savvy disposition for deals. It was this way of thinking that led him to choose UCI for his college career.

“Out of all of my choices, UCI offered the most opportunity,” said Xu. “I visited many other schools, like NYU, but UCI had the most value for the money.”

His assessment turned out to be spot-on. Earlier this year, Forbes ranked UC Irvine eighth in the nation for “best value” per tuition dollar.

The son of a web developer, Xu’s decision to follow in his family’s footsteps was an easy one. He majored in computer science, yet kept up his passion for business by taking a minor in management.

During his freshman year, Xu was quickly recognized for his talents and was chosen to be vice chair of corporate outreach on the student council by the previous chair. While on duty, he proposed the idea for the ICSSC Startup Career Fair that came to realization in April 2016.

Taking some time to explore his other interests, including becoming president of UCI’s foosball club and volunteering as a UCI representative at the High School National Quizbowl Championship Tournament, Xu took his sophomore year off to pursue other interests than student council. But it turns out, he couldn’t stay away.

Now the business-savvy computer science student will start his junior year as ICSSC president with a very simple goal: bring more business to campus.

“Student council already plans great social events, such as the fall bonfire and ICS Day, but I believe the role of the council should be to give more opportunity to students in the form of job opportunities,” said Xu. “That’s why I want to work hard on starting a corporate outreach project that will benefit students.”

The goal may be simple, but the logistics will be complex. Xu hopes to bring in corporate outreach with the goal of one company a week. It’s a two-part plan: He wants students to have the opportunity to speak to company representatives, but first more companies need to know about UCI and how the student body is a good investment for them.

“Rather than us doing cold calls, we need to be more proactive and go to career fairs and corporate offices," he said.

In other words, recruit the recruiters.

If this all seems like a far-reaching goal, then those in doubt should know that much of Xu’s background has prepared him for the task at hand. Born in China, Xu and his parents moved to Canada when he was 4 years old. He grew up Canadian until they moved again, this time to Northern California at the start of his high school years. Thanks to his globetrotting childhood, he is fluent in English, Chinese and French. If any undergraduate can navigate the big, intimidating world of international business it’s him.

“After college, ICS students will need to make a decision: they can choose between staying in academia and pursuing a role in the industry," said Xu. "For those students who aim for a corporate position, I believe that it will be beneficial to host more companies so that students have more personal connections with recruiters. That would give our students a competitive edge over students from other institutions.”

Case in point, the enterprising new president has secured himself an internship with Southern California Edison this summer. The interview opportunity came thanks to a company information session hosted by one of UCI’s business student associations. It will be exciting to watch Xu return to campus this fall as he takes his first steps toward bringing a more business mindset as president to ICS students.

— Katherine Li Smith

Bringing business to ICS

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